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Water pump

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I replaced my water pump last year. It is leaking out of the weep hole again. The thing is when I was trying to check I didn't see anything come out of the weep hole. I could see where it had leaked out of it, there was evidence of it at the weep hole. There Is antifreeze under the pump that pooled there. But when I get the truck to temp and watch it I never saw any leak.Would the pump just leak intermittently? It just seems to me if it is going bad it would leak all the time. Is there anything else that would cause it to leak from the weep hole besides the pump goin bad?My truck is a 2002 6 speed 4x4 Thanks to anyone that can helpJason

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If its coming from the weep hole then yes the water pump shaft seal is damaged and leaking but typically they continue to leak. I've seen mine when I bought it brand new where the water pump o-ring was bad and weeped coolant now and then. I'm thinking this might be the story for you as well.



I find a lot of times that what is seen and not continuous is often misleading.

An O-ring is maybe $5 and would be my first choice.

Pump should leak all the time of bad and you would loose more coolant if not all.


as M1973M said be sure to clean both surfaces well and always use some kind of lubricant to seal the o-ring as CT said vaseline works well.

a spot of engine oil would work also, Vaseline is preferred for its thickness

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