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1974 Dodge D300 Work in progess

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So i have been slowly saving up to work on my old 1974 D300. Today i Rhino-lined(Rust-o-lieum Brand Roll on)my inside cab and also the cab corners to front fenders. I got one good coat gonna add 2 more one tomorrow and one the next day. I removed the Factory bench seat and put in a couple captains chairs from a caravan in it (SO much better now). I plan on making a custom wood Dash and center console/Cup holder between the seats and put a 2001 dodge reg cab cab box behind the seat's to finish it off. But I have a question i need both bottom front fender's, both kick panel's, bottom of both door's and the cab corner's. I See LMC offers them but the are really high, Keystone has them but they have the most junk quality items i have ever seen. I see rock auto has everything i need more or less for a great price. So are they good quailty item's or will it be a luck of the draw kinda deal...Also i want to know what color to go with I want "Tor Red" on the front cab forward and stay gloss black with Roll on bed liner on the flat bed top and side steps. I have a local garphic maker who say's they can make a custom emblem like the "Lil red express" but say "Big Red Express" in black letter's(Note:it will have 3-5inch chrome stacks with flappers on it with aswell. Or i have thought about painting the cab forward the same burgandy color as my 2001 Dually to have a nice matching pair.... I will get some pic up as i get stuff done but im broke most the time so it will take awhile to complete so might be a long ride with bumps along the way but, anyways if ya'll have Any ideas or suggestion they would be much apprecieted :) Here's a pic pre Bed liner and captains chairs enjoy




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I saw an older Chevy truck with graphics that looked better than anything I've ever seen before. It was two tones black and grey with misted metallic in the black and the grey was a metallic grey that went well with the black.


It was coolest ever :wow:

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Don't have an Interior Pic yet still got to replace the Factory Steering Wheel with a Smaller Wood grain one(Old one is dry rotted and missing the cover). But here's a pic of the Rhino-o-liner just wating on time to get the new panels on and getting a couple more coats of it on then time for paint. Then it's time for some under the hood work.


First I have a question the truck had a In cab Metal fuel tank with the fuel coming out the bottom of the tank up to the mech Fuel pump on the Motor. The original owner Custom made the bed and replaced the old tank with one under the bed it's a rear fill Rubber/hard plastic (Like the new one's) tank with the fuel coming from the middle of the top of the tank. I Replaced the Fuel Pump, all the Rubber line's and the Metal one's, And added a glass fuel filter from autozone which came with 10 new filter's. I chose this one over metal as to see the fuel and when the filter need's changing plus it had a great guaruntee to boot. But It takes about 30 secs to refill the Fuel filter when starting since it has to pull the fuel up and further compared to factory. So Has any one tried the Mr.Gasket Supplimental fuel pump that's made to assist aftermarket mod's on old truck's? I wanted to put it real close to the tank to either pull it out of the tank or Push it to the motor faster it can drain the battery if it has sat for a while(Week's depending on my work time). Any thought's??


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