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N2 or not N2 - That is the question ?


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I’d like to through this out for general thoughts.

I just bought the wife a new pickup and they made such a big deal out of nitrogen in the tires instead of air. I have heard they have been doing this for a while and it’s supposed to benefit the vehicle owner. Now from what I’ve read, it keeps the tires cooler and helps lengthens the life of the tire since there is no moisture in the pressured vessel as with filling atmospheric air as over the many decades. Also helps prevent rust or corrosion on the inner wheel material not covered by the tire. Formula One drivers really benefit from this during a race. And the places where they fill or cap your tires off charge between $5 to $20 per tires because it suppose to be that good per the auto industry. All good and well.
But from the material I’ve read, the extra life given to the tires for the normal consumer would be about 100 to 300 miles, if any. 
The cooler temperatures in the moving tires really doesn’t benefit normal driving conditions, with or without a load. 
Personal experience, the corrosion / rust found with the inner tires were limited on any of my of my wheels, if any. 
I never heard of anyway it helps increase miles per gallons.
I usually check my tires at home when cold, and found ‘no’ moisture in the tires when they were changed out for new ones.
I see no real benefits and at this time and plan on doing what I have been doing these decades.
Anyone’s thoughts on this is appreciated.
Pro’s ? 
Con’s ? 
Info I might have missed ?
Am I that far off and thinking to much like a very old timer ?
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I had it in my grand prix gxp. the n2 was nice because it never really moved on the psi gauge for the tires, winter driving and summer driving. it was nice to always be at that psi even when the tires got warmer or colder out side and even when drive it only moved a psi or 2 after drive 75 mph for couple of hours. I liked it but not worth it because of the con about is if you do get a leak and need to put air into the psi will change some in the tire if it isn't all n2

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Not worth the extra money if indeed they charge extra for it, many tire shops just do it.

Reason it is not worth it in reality.

To get a near complete charge of N2 in the tire it has to be seated with air and to do it correctly they need to pull a vacuum on the tire and refill with N2 at least 3 times to get a nearly complete N2 charge, other than that if they just seat the bead and then let the air pressure equalize and fill with N2 it is at best 50% N2 50% air.

They are more stabil if done correctly and temp doesn't affect pressure like air does and it is also nonflammable if one catches fire it will not blow and feed more air to a fire. This is a bigger deal with larger off road tires on heavy mine equipment but I have not seen any company anti up for the time and down time of doing it the correct way.

I have been through a week of Off road heavy equipment tire service a few years ago at the Michelin plant in Greenville NC, that is how I learned about this.

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Seeing as what you are putting in the tires at any air station is 78% nitrogen I see no benefit for John Q Public. Formula 1 racing, yea, I can see some benefit, but none of us are running anywhere near what they run for speeds and cornering.

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I did see somewhat of an advantage in it. But couldn't see more than a gimmick in the average daily driver, and a few extra bucks for the dealerships. (But don't forget the funny little green caps on the tires) I had to ask, seems I could have missed something that I wasn't seeing. Looks like a person would be better with a water separator off the compressor if any investment was warranted. Thanks for your thoughts.

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I,ve been getting my tires at Costco,and they fill them with n2,and will fill them free.They also rotate and balance the free

I have found tires I bought from them to be as well priced as discount tire.I don't know how much advantage you get from n2, but

if it's free I use it.

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