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Took some flying photos today. (big pictures)


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Also, I should add, the T-38Cs in that pic are 50 year old 1964 models. The T-6As are relatively new and from the 90s... meaning, that they aren't that bent yet. You can click on them for MORE resolution.  



AH-64 should post some swing wing goodness.   :thumb1:

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Thanks for posting.  :thumb1:  It has been almost 12 years since I retired from militarily clubbing the air into submission.  The UH-60 has changed sooooooo much since I began flying it over 30 years ago.  Aviation is constantly changing.  So much information and skill to keep up with.  My hat is off to these younger kids and official old farts who are flying them now.  It looks like a LOT of fun and it IS but there is so much work, training, and preparation behind and that come with it that most folks don't realize.  Not to mention the eventual element of risk. 

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