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My new Isuzu Diesel!


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Hello everyone. I recently took a step up into an outside sales position in the company I work for. My work truck is a 2010 Isuzu NPR diesel truck. It does have the bigger 5.2 liter motor and it runs pretty good.


I have the opportunity to purchase some things for it to "fit my needs better" according to my company.


My question is, does anyone have any idea of good performance upgrades that I should do while I have the chance? Does anyone make a chip/tuner or anything for the Isuzus?


Thanks for everything!

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If it were me I wouldn't be worried about anything performance wise if the company is footing the bills for it. Having come from a career where I lived out of a service truck servicing heavy construction equipment and Ag equipment over the years if I was given an opportunity like this would be to find options to make it as comfortable as can be for your posture, comfort, convenience and safety inside the cab over the long haul since you will be spending a lot of time in it.


This is stuff that can follow you to different rigs in the future as well if it will be a one time deal from the company don't waste it on performance items on a 5 year old business ride that will most likely be gone in the near future. Make it about "fit my needs better" not the physical vehicle other than comfort items this from someone who spent many long days on the road after an 8-12 hours of hard but busting work and then jumping into a rough riding stripped down Ford F450/550 rigs or FL 70 freightliner or KW service trucks that were not fun to do long rides in when not tired none less wore out and sore from a hard days work to boot.

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chipexpress.com    has   tuners  for  the  npr 3.0....  didn't see any for the  5.2      I'd imagine  'someone'  has them!


Ya know,  I thought really hard  about  buying  one of these   'box trucks'   a few years ago.      shorten up the frame,  throw on a   flatbed,  and  viola'    There's my   ranch  puller.     No 4X4   was  what stopped me.


many  different badges  out there..     GM,   Isuzu,  hino,   FL..       FL   you'd  probably  find it  equipped  with   Cummins...

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Thanks for the thoughts gents! Here is the break down of the truck as far as I know.

Isuzu 5.2 liter intercooled turbo diesel

Inline 4 cylinder

Aisin 6 speed auto with dual OD and lock up in 2-6

18k Gross vehicle weight rated

18ft wide body box




Regular cab with power windows/locks and cruise/AC

All in all a pretty decent truck. I average about 10 mpg's with it. It's got about 125000 miles on it now.

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