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  2. Thanks Going to have a crack at making my own Standalone wiring harness. Found where to buy ECM 50/60 pin connectors.
  3. Michael any chance you could lead me to a good Engine wiring diagram for 2006 Dodge Cummins
  4. So I bought a low mile 6.7 but it turns out the ECMs don’t like living in anything else than where they came from. Has anyone done a swap successfully using a different ECM. Thanks Greg
  5. When I was buying ECUs I needed to know if it was a manual or a Auto ECU. The way I found out was to use the Quick Serve ESN parts brake down list and if it had a Flywheel it was Manual. If it left the factory with a flex plate it was a Auto. That way I knew I was buying a Manual ECU.
  6. Just came across this about Chryslers DBR III Scan tools. http://www.wfservices.biz/Manuals/Sprinter%20DRB%20III%20Manual.pdf One other thing was while reading the instructions on the Scan Gauge booklet was, if it won't connect just by turning on the key start the engine to wake up the ECM. I will give this a try.
  7. My engine is a 2001. Like your self I have tried all different scan tools but none will connect. My wireing is a little differant from the drawing, as I am only using the ECM. So OBD pins 3 / 11 and 6 / 7 go straight to the ECM. One other thing I have heard Is the turm ( dominate noide ). If there is such a thing maybe It is not doing just that. But after all that, the first time a hooked the SnapOn scan tool to my OBD11 it worked just fine.
  8. Ok, This is were I gave up last time looking for this resistor. Even bought the full wiring harnace looking for this Sucker, no such luck. Isnt this resister in the scan tool or ECM, shorley we dont have to add this thing in. With this deal my last thought was to talk to someone that knows all about this stuff. What I did find and this is were the trail went cold on me, was a Collage lecture that was on LINKTEM but I wasnt able to private message him. We just need to talk to the right guy. The other thing is the VP Pumped ECM is a bastard to link to so i have been told by CarDAQ who make the pass through device. --- Update to the previous post... Had a look at the Radio Shack, smart guys. From the MoparMans drawing pin 7 is SCI Transmit to pin 38 which we need, along with SCI Recieve pin 39 to obd pin 6. obd pins 3 and 11 are can bus. For me I only need to talk to the ECM so I figure OBD pins 6/7 are the ones that open the ECM to talk somehow. It is this knocking on the door that to me is the problem, we just arnt giving it a bigger enought knock. How you do that, is over my head.
  9. So where do we find said 510 ohms resistor on the k line, Re Wike link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-board_diagnostics
  10. Winslow, have you been racing again. Were you winning before it broke. LOL
  11. Hi Guys as the Title reads, has anyone got a set of good 3.42 Dana 44 gears they want to sell. Thanks Greg.
  12. CITDBA,You have my attention. I did a 2001 convertion and needed to reflash the Auto ECM to a Manual. We were able to read the ECM with a Snapon scantool twice, but a miniute into the second scan, the tool said no connection. After buying every scan tool under the sun with the same message,I gave up. I to need to have another go at this to so please keep me in the loop. Greg.
  13. Ha guys I dont run the PCM and this is what I use. It is a BOSCH made in australia Electronic Regulator part # RE55. The reg workes fine with the Dodge Alternator. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Dave.Yes bought mine exhaust manifold from Ashley Black, goes by BlacksDiesel on Comp Diesel. Howie on ebay, just search HE351VE, is a great guy and have bought 2 of him. The second one had a ding on the front cover and HTT wouldnt do the upgrade to that so Howie sorced another front cover and shipped for free.
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