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    Akron ,Ohio area also.
  3. Yes I have bad experience with Flagship One.They dont stand behind their products.
  4. My truck is 2001.I will try yo do this when I come back home next week Thanks again.
  5. Hi . I did test for continuity pin 22it has on all positions,Pin 23 dont have on any position.What this mean?Thanks.
  6. Hi Dieselfuture I did check all grounds,cleaned and tested,everything look good.Almost everything is new on truck and everything is in working order.
  7. Hi Haggar I have it tested and while truck running on ON and OFF position I have 0 reading.When only ignition ON in OFF position it read 30 ohms and when switch is On it read 0. While no engine on and with ignition off It read around 60 ohms in booth positions. Little background,I did frame of restoration on this truck.Before disassembly it was all working.When I put it together IOD fuse was blown because I shorted mirror wires.I didnt recognize it.I was chasing wires ,testing it and while testing ac wires I did hear something in PCM hapened,lik short(like when you touch positive and negative wires). After I found short on mirror and replaced IOD fuse everything work except AC.I did test compressor by applying 12 v and it is working. If I touch Wire coming out of PCM with light probe compressor start working.Thanks for your time and help, Dmitar.This name explain my English.
  8. Thanks again Haggar.I will be home tomorrow and will try this.
  9. Thank you Haggar.Yes I will need help with testing this problem.
  10. Where is the best place to send my PCM for repair.My PCM actually work good except signal for AC is dead.I tested wire coming out of PCM,it is suppose to have 12v.I thing I burned out that part when chasing dead wires for something else. Thanks.
  11. I have good bearing if you still need it.Let me know.
  12. I use oven cleaner.Very happy with result.
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