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  2. I put on a Donaldson - Volant filter. Volant part #61504. Dimensions are 8" X 8" with 4" intake. Supposed to be good for 150,000 miles. I don't remember how fine it filters. Supposed to flow about 1,200 CFM. I know I can hear the turbo more over what I could hear with a Wix BHAF. Specs and a video are on the Volant website. There is also a Outerwears type pre-filter, part #51921.
  3. I wasn't trying to jack a thread. Cuda posted he had a Mag-Hytec and hadn't put it on yet. I mistakenly thought it may be a good time to bring up the Banks video. I am not a Banks fan or follower.
  4. I have a Mag-Hytec on my rear diff. After watching the videos Gale Banks did, I'm seriously considering going back to stock. I had the rear rebuilt once due to a spun carrier bearing and a spun pinion bearing. I don't remember if I had the Mag-Hytec on at that time or not.
  5. It's been a long time age, so my memory may not be up to par. As I recall, someone on www.dieseltruckresource.com adapted in a blower and motor from a Chev pickup.
  6. I was able to get to the disconnect from under the truck. IIRC, it was a pain, not much room, but doable.
  7. Yes, I replaced the insert and the leak stopped.
  8. Unfortunately, I did not save the package. I checked my stash of inserts, and I believe it is a 5/16 insert. I checked the Dorman website and came up with Part# 800-005. Hope this helps.
  9. My 2002 has a plastic disconnect on the bottom of the tee on the return line. Mine was leaking, and I got new plastic inserts at NAPA. IIRC, they are 3/8.
  10. No, I cycled the pump with the key a few times. I had mine mounted back by the tank. Changed one on a friends truck, and we had to crack a couple of injectors to get it to start.
  11. Including the original, I went through 6 of the Carter pumps. As I recall, even with a 3/8 line kit, about the best I saw was 12PSI at idle. It would drop to 7 or 8 under load. Then the pressure would start to fluctuate. When the pressure started to fluctuate, I changed out the pump. I had bought 4 at the $64.00 campaign pump price. The last one I had to pay the full $180.00 price. I went to an aftermarket pump, and it holds 15PSA continually. Loaded or unloaded.
  12. It looks like RiffRaff and Diesel Manor get them from dieselOrings.com. I checked their site and they have them in stock, for $14.95. It looks like the one they show has some extra pieces. I forgot to get the part number. Maybe Amazon would have some. I got mine off Ebay. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I didn't find any recently.
  13. Diesel Manor and RiffRaff diesel have them. They are listed for a Ford pressure test port.
  14. It's been a few years, but I found some on Ebay. They were 1/8" NPT male. McMaster-Carr may have some or a A/C repair shop.
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