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  1. What type solder are you using?
  2. greed

    Fuel leak

    I was able to get to the disconnect from under the truck. IIRC, it was a pain, not much room, but doable.
  3. greed

    Fuel leak

    Yes, I replaced the insert and the leak stopped.
  4. greed

    Fuel leak

    Unfortunately, I did not save the package. I checked my stash of inserts, and I believe it is a 5/16 insert. I checked the Dorman website and came up with Part# 800-005. Hope this helps.
  5. greed

    Fuel leak

    My 2002 has a plastic disconnect on the bottom of the tee on the return line. Mine was leaking, and I got new plastic inserts at NAPA. IIRC, they are 3/8.
  6. No, I cycled the pump with the key a few times. I had mine mounted back by the tank. Changed one on a friends truck, and we had to crack a couple of injectors to get it to start.
  7. Including the original, I went through 6 of the Carter pumps. As I recall, even with a 3/8 line kit, about the best I saw was 12PSI at idle. It would drop to 7 or 8 under load. Then the pressure would start to fluctuate. When the pressure started to fluctuate, I changed out the pump. I had bought 4 at the $64.00 campaign pump price. The last one I had to pay the full $180.00 price. I went to an aftermarket pump, and it holds 15PSA continually. Loaded or unloaded.
  8. It looks like RiffRaff and Diesel Manor get them from dieselOrings.com. I checked their site and they have them in stock, for $14.95. It looks like the one they show has some extra pieces. I forgot to get the part number. Maybe Amazon would have some. I got mine off Ebay. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I didn't find any recently.
  9. Diesel Manor and RiffRaff diesel have them. They are listed for a Ford pressure test port.
  10. It's been a few years, but I found some on Ebay. They were 1/8" NPT male. McMaster-Carr may have some or a A/C repair shop.
  11. greed

    Dash cover

    Another one to check out is Dash Covers Plus. They are a bit pricey. The owner is a good guy to talk to.
  12. I've broken a few of the plastic tabs of of my bezel. I've glued them back on with JB Weld and some of the two part plastic weld epoxy. I don't remember which epoxy I used. LMC Truck has the felt anti rattle pads.
  13. I wish I could remember where I read about this, or which forum, someone used a Chev blower motor in their 2nd gen. IIRC, it put out quite a bit more air. Sounded pretty interesting. If I can find it I'll post it.
  14. greed

    Time for a clutch

    When I was towing my 11K fifth wheel, with the exhaust brake on , the clutch would slip on long, steep downhill grades, like McDonald pass going into Helena, MT. Clutch never slipped on level or uphill pulls. My truck is stock. I called SB, and their recommendation was the dual disc due to fairly heavy towing and the exhaust brake. So that is what I got from DAP. The dual disc doesn't seem to be very grabby. It doesn't like to slip, so sometimes quick engage, disengage helps when backing. It weighs about 20lbs more than stock. You will notice the engine lugging quicker than with the stock clutch. Pedal pressure isn't much different. The one thing I changed from the SB kit was the throwout bearing. I read on different forums where people had problems with the supplied throwout bearing. I went with a SKF from Rockauto. It looks to be a lot better quality. I believe SB changed their supplier, they may have a better bearing now. It wouldn't hurt to change the rear seal while your in there. Better safe than sorry.
  15. greed

    Time for a clutch

    I went through DAP for my SB clutch.