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  1. Probably a dumb question but can this be added to a 4k box? I tried adding it and it removed the 4k feature code. I haven't tried it on the truck yet because my truck is currently down getting a new cylinder head due to popping the gasket a few times now and every exhaust seat being very cracked.
  2. Thanks @98whitelightnin! It escalated pretty quickly from “I’m keeping it stock” to “400 will be enough” then “well let’s put compounds and see what it does” and finally “540! That can’t be right. Let’s work on the tune and try a different dyno.”
  3. Ah that’s right. I think they even have a YouTube video of that.
  4. Thanks Bullet! When this engine lets go it is getting a 6.7 common rail but in the mean time I want to see what an SO VP can really do.
  5. I put down a number I am pretty impressed with last weekend. Now we are debating on trying to make it to 750hp on the SO without nitrous. A friend of mine thinks we are already pretty close to the highest power SO pump. So I figured I’d ask you guys since this is probably the biggest active group of VP guys. Dyno was at an old gasoline hot rod shop so it was only set up for 1,200 max torque. FullSizeRender.mov Oh and the tach pickup kept falling off which is why torque drops off on both pulls and print out is in MPH.
  6. That makes sense. I tried to download it on my computer first because I like to keep a copy of all my tunes, even the ones I make, backed up on my computer. However, it wouldn't download so I tried it on my tablet and it did download. Looks very similar to my race tune with timing coming up a little sooner. I'll let you know how it does on the dyno next Saturday. Thanks.
  7. Ok I can download it on my tablet but not my computer.
  8. Does having an "expired membership" prevent you from downloading a tune even if you pay the $2.50 for it?
  9. Alright I'll make some adjustments. Thank you for your input @Me78569!
  10. Yeah sorry didn't realize how un-readable they would be when I saved them as an image. Hopefully these are better. Thanks in advance. The truck is also making about 61-63 PSI but the MAP stops reading around 48-52 depending on the log.
  11. I've spent a long time lurking while I built my truck. It is "done" now and I'm working on tuning. I took it to a dyno a couple of weeks ago and datalogged two of the pulls. I made a race tune with the excel tune builder but I wanted to see what y'all thought and might have some input to squeak out a couple more torque and horsepower. It made 519.9 HP and 937.2 LBFT on the first pull and 519.9 HP and 910.8 LBFT on the second pull. iQuad-Race Tune 7x10-2019-04-18-08.49.031114096596.json
  12. GTC_Mopars


  13. Thank you I’ll keep that in mind once we start the build. Right now all we have done is talk and start on the transmission. I’ll probably still use Smeding as they sponsored his build and I have a feeling will assist with mine.
  14. Thank you! I’ll look into it those tonight after work. I do not run 2 stroke. I’ve seen it cause aeration in the above mentioned common rail. His however has twin CP3s, soon to be triple, and a very high flow lift pump so that may have been why it aerated with 2 stroke. Thank you Mopar Man, will do.
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