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  1. I would open the valve on the fuel filter and see if there is any water. When was the filter changed last?
  2. Keep the filter stock is what I have said time and time again!
  3. STAY STOCK!! or use Fleetguard or Wix.
  4. On one of the other web site for Dodge there was some one that had something about this. I think they said they adj the timing gear for the fuel pump by pulling and changing where the gear set on the shaft it had to much slack. GOOD LUCK Finding it.IT could had been on TDR or Dodge Cummins
  5. Blackstone lab is very good. GOOD LUCK
  6. I thank the Cal had a cat in line and different timing.
  7. I have one that came from Wal-mart. I have it mounted close to the cab lite for the bed. My 100gal fuel tank is about 4in tall so I can not see my fifth wheel hitch. So with it mounted that high I can see to hook up even in the dark. All so I can see both side of my truck from the finders back and see people on both side and see cars so I do not back in to them for they do not show up in my rear views. MONEY well spent.
  8. YOU can get the factory pump at GENO'S for 160.00 PH is 800-755-1715 - - - Updated - - - You can get the factory pump at Geno's for 160.00 1-800-755-1715
  9. I got mine at W-M put it behind the cab so I could see my fifth wheel to hook up. My 100gal fuel tank is blocking me from see it. It is real nice when backing out of a parking spot also you can see people walking behind me. It is getting it power from my out side cab light all I need to do is turn it on when I back out.---GOOD LUCK
  10. Go to TDR and ask on there. That is all most all dodge. There is people there that has put the cumming in ford and other trucks. good luck
  11. I had my done at 75.000 miles and 6 new tires. That will get in your pocket fast.
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