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  1. If the master cylinder drained while having the brakes apart, you could just have air in the master cylinder. You may need to bench bleed the MC or if it's level when mounted in the truck, bleed the lines where they attach to the MC and then again at the wheels.
  2. Mine had tons of battery corrosion on the terminals, including in the crimps and down the wire into the insulation. I eliminated the heater so I didn't need to do a drop test but I bet it was bad.
  3. Thank you. The suspension alone was 96 hours of shop time with me and my daughter's BF. We did the whole thing in 4 weekends minus countless hours dialing it in after all was fabbed and assembled. Everything was just a collection of suspension fabrication parts, DOM tubing, off road coil over shocks and the like, pieced together by me. No instructions, nothing cut or pre-welded. The truck was only down for a total of 8 days and remained a daily driver during the week, between each weekends work. It's amazing what we got done each weekend but we also did it in a Commercial Machine & Fab sho
  4. H&S Mini Max works two ways. It can be a stand alone tuner with built in tunes (without deleting) or it can be a platform to install custom tunes provided by a person that creates custom delete tunes which is what you need to run deleted. The custom tunes are complete tunes and do not piggy back the tunes that come with the H&S. Your H&S should have the stock tune in it on the memory card that you would need to return it to stock. If it is deleted, than any tune that is running was sold to the previous owner and loaded onto the H&S memory card. The only person who can tell you
  5. I found myself reading more so I did subscribe for a year.
  6. Yes, I understand how they work and I appreciate all of the content, however, my question was if he had any recommendations for free hosting. I don't hang out on forums but I do go to them from time to time when I am researching a specific topic like the 1 piece rear driveshaft that I mentioned. A subscription would be appropriate if I planned on being a regular contributor and hanging out giving/getting advise or opinions, but I typically only go to the forums when a google search brings up results from a specific forum and that's how I got here. I go through the introductions because it is p
  7. That's not free, but thanks.
  8. Thank you. I haven't used an image hosting service in a long time. Do you have any recommendations for a free hosting service? Yes, it has grown a lot. I went to school here from 78-82 and moved back here in 94ish.
  9. New member here from Nor Cal. I'm not new to Dodges or Forums, I just stumbled on this site looking into one piece drive shafts and thought I'd look around a bit. My wife and I have a slightly modified 4th Gen for towing and chores and a heavily modified 24V 2nd Gen for playing but it's also a DD.
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