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  2. Assuming the discussion was about whether or not the Spinner II is sized for our ISB engines - the answer is yes - it is, if you get the proper model (Model 25). There are various sized Centrifugal bypass filters. Big rigs might have a flow rate of 2 to 4 gallons per minute, and they have bigger bowls and can store more particulates so that one can go longer without removing and cleaning it. Some fleets are going to 150K to 250K between complete oil changes; they rely on oil sampling to verify the oil still has adequate life to continue use. The Spinner II Model 25 is rated su
  3. I have been running the Spinner II for about 4 years....30K miles. Additives are supposed to be liquid - not particulate - so I don't worry about what it captures. The main stuff captured would be very fine soot suspended in oil. Last time I removed it - I weighed the material removed - and it was about 0.7 ounces - accumulated over 8,000 miles since previous cleaning. My installation can be seen here - scroll through the posting and you can see installation photos - and a previous cleaning.
  4. Fleetguard oil filters. Chevron Delo 15W-40...but I am tempted to try the new synthetic 5W-40 next oil change. I also run a centrifugal oil filter...a Spinner II - bypass filter - that filters down to 1 micron.
  5. Suggestion - (and - since IBMobile is pointing to possible problems from the ECM...) - install a temporary switch to supply 12 V - from the battery - directly to the output of the relay that supplies the Airdog. Have the switch inside the cab. THEN - when you are expecting the Airdog to turn on...like after key on and bumping starter - and you don't see any fuel pressure build up - flip the switch and see if the Airdog comes on. If it didn't come on when expected...and flipping the switch does give you the pressure - you will need to troubleshoot the relay and the signal that energizes
  6. Some comments - 1. Many states have stopped issuing tabs that indicate the year. 2. My son was making a trip across the US - Navy move from east coast to west coast. He got pulled over in Colorado for not having a current registration. No - he wasn't pulled over for speeding or anything else. I suspect that the police car had a camera/scanner that would 'see' the car, identify the license (in this case - it was a Washington State auto license) - and verify the license is current, not reported as stolen, etc. He was asked about not having current registration. He had forgotte
  7. The schematic is fantastic reference. NOTE - you can pull the relay from the Relay block (assuming it is plugged into a relay block) and put a jumper wire from 87 to 30 - and see if the lift pump starts running. (This can be done with the key off - because the relay gets power directly from the battery via the PDC (power distribution center). Done with the key off - you should be able to hear the pump running. Again - with the relay still pulled - connect a digital meter - one lead to Pin 86 and one lead to Ground (or 85). Set to VOLTS - at 20VDC scale. Turn the I
  8. About 40 years ago - at 6'1" - I was a trim 175 - 180 lbs. But - later on - I started doing the 10 lbs added per decade....and in 2010 - I was at 215 lbs - and trying to convince me I didn't have a gut SO - I decided that I needed to fix things. I basically went on portion control - and cut back (maybe 95%) on sugars and carbohydrates. I realized that the government medical recommendations (like avoid bacon and eggs, cut fat out, etc.) - was bogus - and other medical experts were admitting that their recommendations were bad. So - I gave up desserts (except the rare 'splurge') - I had li
  9. KE7XG .......no rig in the truck. Portable rigs I can take camping with me when I take the 5th Wheel places. Several hand-helds - 2M, 220MHz, 440MHz... Trying some digital comm modes....Packet, etc Mike
  10. Yup. I wish I had taken more time to investigate the swapping of motors. I swapped the entire assembly with the new one. Unfortunately - the hose connections for the 2012 block were/are different from the new one...so I spent a fair amount of time under the truck (in cold weather...Mammoth Lakes, 7,000 ft. elevation) re-doing the lines. If I had known that the new pump was a direct swap with the old one - I would have swapped it out....and been on the road faster!
  11. Air Dog honored their warranty for me. I installed an Air Dog circa 2012. Last September - on a long distance trip - the pump failed. Dead. The best I could do for the immediate term was to rent a car and drive 150 miles to a Summit Racing store and buy a complete replacement Air Dog pump assembly. Expensive as heck - but no other convenient option that would have me back on the road quickly. (I wasn't about to wait for up to 1 week for delivery of a replacement part.) So - I bought a new on and installed it and resumed my trip. When I got home and had free time - I sent the
  12. Fair enough. I just didn't want to 'feed the beast' - that has gotten fairly political (GFM) in the past, if there was a better option. Mike
  13. Serious question... I tend to be skeptical of "GoFundMe" because they can take 3% to 5% (or more). Since Mopar1973Man already has a "DONATE" link at the top - wouldn't using that ensure that 100% of donations go to him, and nothing for GFM? I don't mind donating - but I want everything to go to the good cause! Mike
  14. Cost me $1300 about 5 years ago. I was looking at spending 40% of that to re-do the hubs...and I figured that if I did the free spin conversion, I wouldn't have to worry about the issues for a VERY VERY long time. Agreed that it doesn't really do much for MPG improvement....but making a tight turning radius is a bit easier....but I didn't do it for that either. I figured that if I spent more the first time - I could save in the long run.
  15. OR - recognize that the front wheel hubs sometimes have problems - and if you put in a "Free Spin" kit....you just leave the hubs unlocked when you want 2L. I did the free spin installation many years ago - and the hubs have bigger bearings, and can be removed and re-lubricated - vs. replacing the entire assembly. And - as a bonus - the u-joints in the front drive and the front differential are not being turned all the time...so less wear and tear on the parts.
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