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Brake/Park Brake Indicator

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My "brake" light :brake: on the instrument cluster comes on from time to time.  I never gave it much thought, because it was the only light illuminated.  I figured it was the switch at the parking brake.  Now...after reading the FSM, it appears this light can also be an indicator of a malfunction in the braking system.  I did not know that.  After reading, if there is a malfunction it is normally accompanied by a "ABS" indicator :abs: .  Like I said, I don't have that, but it appears that is because that light doesn't work.  I went out and turned the key to on and all of the indicator lights come on except the ABS light.


The FSM says that this is a LED that is soldered to the board.  So if this is the case, I guess I can't just swap that out with a functional bulb....that sucks :doh: .  Do normal code scanner read ABS faults or do I have to get something specific?

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You can solder a new led on just fine.   Pull the cluster out.  Clip the legs and use a needle nose to pull the legs out of the board, after keeping the tip of the soldiering iron on the leg.


It's a 




super Easy, 


the PO of my truck decided that they wanted to brake the bulbs rather than fix the issues.

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