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BHAF connecting Tube

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What size Tube or pipe do I need for connecting BHAF to the TURBO Boot?? I've been running it for years without one and just soft clamping it over the lip on the BHAF but now i don't think that such a good idea after my latest turbo compressor wheel issues.

Compressor wheel was pitted and DAMAGED BY WATER as was told to me by ATS. 

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I tried & failed with a 4" 45* elbow.  I think the issue is the flange on the BHAF is "soft" & compressible.  What is needed is a firm stiffener (like Mike's exhaust pipe) to go inside so the clamp has something to compress against.  The draft (taper) on MY BHAF flange makes it hard to get a good clamp.  

I note the OEM filter box flange has tabs to engage the turbo inlet boot.  Maybe a few screws through the parts would prevent any slip off.    

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