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You guys and gals may be very well aware of this , but for the sake of posting. Do not ,I repeat do not order fleetguard filters from http://www.fleetguardfilterstore.com/ this place is ajoke. I recently placed an order for 2 filters and learned a 28.00 buck lesson in online ordering. After weeks of no contact weeks of waiting for filters multiple attempts to contact still no filters. After researching apparently this guy Tristian Novak owns this web-site and this place is simply a front. I even got a COPY OF MY CHECK CASHED BY ALIAS LISA SPAID, still no filters. I am employed with the courts here chattanooga and I looking at trying to pursue criminal charges against these folks. So please do your self a favor and do not mess with this group unless you like to give money away.:mad: If anyone else on this forum has been robbed by this group feel free to contact me rayw@hamiltontn.gov .

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Wow! This is the first I have heard of this. I orders a case of 12 FF5613's fuel filters and 4 of the FS19768 water seperator filters back in February of 2009. I got the filters delivered to me about 10 days later.

I have been trying to contact Tristan for a month now with no replies. Seems like there is NO END to folks who don't run their business on the up and up. I would think he could at least return phone calls or emails. :mad:

Tristan had been a registered member on my website and I DID formerly have a sponsor ad up for his Fleetguard Filter Store. As of this morning I just deleted it. I am not sure what I can do to help but if I can be of help, please let me know. I don't think any of us wants a vender out there who runs their business like this. I feel like a dumbass now. :cry: I guess we all get snookered once in awhile. The other sponsor ad for MAK I KNOW is good because my wife is the office manager there and my daughter works at Jeanette's and I have eaten there several times to my great satisfaction.

Sorry to hear about your experince with Tristan. This dude is getting crossed OFF my list of venders. :thud: THANKS for the heads up. :thumbup2:

If you want a reliable source of great quality filters, I have since switched over to Baldwin filters that I have found to be MUCH cheaper but as good or better quality than Fleetguard filters. Both are great filters but when I can order by the case and get an oil filter that is pretty much an equal replacement for a Fleetguard LF3894 for $4.79, I decided to switch over to Baldwin filters for all of my trucks, tractor, and other vehicles.

I buy my Baldwin filters from BF Web Express:


I have ordered from these guys 3 times in the last year or so and each time the filters show up via UPS within about a week.

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