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I changed the oil in my 04.5.:stuned::stuned: Remember I had that gasket/seal replaced in April???? Well I did one more TP change after the work and sent in an oil sample to Blackstone. I told Blackstone of the work........front cover off, valve cover off, rockers and tappets pulled etc. The analysis wasn't bad, but they thought that with having the engine "apart" that I should change it. So I did. Almost 84,000 miles without a complete oil change!!!!I changed oil brands also. I found a super deal on Valvoline Premium Blue 15W40 dino. This is the oil Cummins puts in their engines from the factory. Paid $11.23/gal........so I bought all of them off the shelf!!!!:drool: 7 gallons in all. Only downside is the fact that it's CJ rated. I usually see VPB for $15.00+/gal. It's a little darker in color out of the bottle than the WallyWorld SuperTech oil I was using. We'll see how it goes.:smart:

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that is the oil that i run in my truck...got lucky one time and you may want to check sometime to....went to a truck stop..i think it was pilot...and dude they had it $9.99...buy one get one free...that,s sweeeeet.:thumbup2::woot::hyper:

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Thats a lot of miles!I ran about 25K on my last change, but don't think I'll go that long in the future, even tho my UOA always said suitable for continued use the wear on the cam/tappets wasn't as low as it should have been.. I think the UOA companies are still unsure about the soot levels newer trucks make. I am not saying my wear was bad at all, just more than I think it should have been.

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Holy cow... You didn't make it to 100K but darn close there Dorkweed... Do you have a pic of the Blackstone report? I'm really curious about the results after 84K miles!

I've been trying to post the results from Blackstone. It ain't working.:( I've got to run now, but I'll manually post the most recent vs. the last couple analyses from Blackstone later. Also; on a side note, my Lab officially became a "Daddy" today. The _____, so far, has had 8 pups. In order.......2 chocolate females, 2 black females, and then 4 chocolate males. She still may pop one or two more out, but that's as of 2:30PM CDT!! I'll post that stuff later tonite or tomorrow AM. Later guys!!!:thumbup2:

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Here it is guys. I tried numerous times to post the scanned Blackstone reports, but it's been a no go. So hopefully you'll understand what I'm posting here. I'm posting my last 3 oil analysis from Blackstone and what they told me on the latest one.

5/8/08 4/5/09 6/14/10

+/- 80,000miles +/-100,000miles 122,886miles

Aluminum 6 4 5

Chromium 2 2 3

Iron 55 46 77

Copper 7 7 7

Lead 4 3 4

Tin 3 3 3

Molybdenum 3 2 3

Nickel 1 1 1

Manganese 1 1 1

Silver 3 2 3

Titanium 0 0 0

Potassium 11 3 9

Boron 1 1 1

Silicon 9 5 11

Sodium 5 2 7

Calcium 2739 2432 2564

Magnesuim 239 264 241

Phosphorus 1378 1195 1410

Zinc 1672 1392 1402

Barium 0 0 0

Fuel - - -

Insolubles% .2 .3 .3

TBN 5.6 5.3 5.2

Joe, with your bypass system and your system of "perpetual sump" maintenance, everything still looks pretty good. However, you mentioned some engine work and we noticed a small jump in Iron and Silicon. With 82+K miles without a full oil change, it may be a good time to change now. Only reason being the recent engine work. Everything else looks good.

Boys and girls...................This was using WallyWorld SuperTech 15W40 dino "el cheapo" oil. I changed the TP in my MotorGuard bypass about every 1500 miles give or take and added a quart of "make up oil". I changed the "full flow" filter yearly when it coincided with a TP change out and at this time it usually took 2+quarts of make up oil. A pretty good run I think!!:smart:

As per my original post here, I've changed oil brands, because I found a sweet deal on VPB. Since the full oil change, I've noticed an "oil smell" like Rotella emanating from my engine compartment. Probably just not used to "new" oil smell. Anyhow, that's my story. Any questions, please ask!!:thumbup2:

---------- Post added at 09:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:54 PM ----------

Sorry guys and gals, I tried to organize everything into columns, but it didn't work. Hope its understandable!!!:(

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How about this? :thumbup2:

Posted Image

My Hero!!!:thumbup2::smart::lmao: Honest, I'll never poke fun at you again..............NOT!!!:nono: In all honesty.......thanks a bunch!!!!:thumbup2:

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