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Hesitant on Quadzilla

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I would like to get rid of the smoke(excess fuel) at low rpms yet have the power to pull what I need. It seems like there is quite a conversation on getting the Quadzilla programed right, not sure I have the time to constantly play with it.

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31 minutes ago, Blueox01 said:

I would like to get rid of the smoke(excess fuel) at low rpms yet have the power to pull what I need. It seems like there is quite a conversation on getting the Quadzilla programed right, not sure I have the time to constantly play with it.


I was/am in the same boat as you are. I went ahead and purchased the quad then loaded some of the tunes located on this forum, the stock tunes that are loaded on the Quad when purchased work as well. I also do not have time to sit and play with a tune constantly and have been searching around the internet for a reputable tuner/experienced person that I can pay for some one on one tuning and data logging to get my rig dialed in once my engine harness and computer come back from testing.


I've found one guy via Instagram his username is 1badVP44 who offers custom tuning, it appears he has a drag truck and some sponsors but I have not made contact at this point as I'm still a little hesitant on the direction I want to take.

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  • Administrator

Just follow the tuning how to.  It should take more than an hour to get your canbus curve figured out. 


You can mess with it until the cows come home butgood enough doesnt take too long.



Dont pay someone for a tune for your truck.  Get a starter tune and fine tune the canbus curve.

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  • Administrator

Typically... What I do is set for level 2 and now build the defuel curve to cut out smoke. Then switch to level 3 now build the rest of the curve till is fairly smoke free. Then wiretap and up is wiretap and just need to tweak its setting to bring on the wire tap well after the turbo is spooled.


So for you I suggest starting at about 90% fuel. Then by about 5 or 6 PSI of boost you should be at 100% and then you can build the rest of the fuel curve up. 

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  • Administrator

basic directions from the above article





if you would rather have a pre built tune to start with you can checkout our tune repository. we have lots of tunes that cover various configurations



When you are starting to use V2 Tune on your truck you should follow these steps.  

1. Find your starting %

2. Set your base map

3. Fine tune your base map

4. Set your Wiretap start point

5. Set your Wiretap Fueling %


This tuning should not be done on busy roads or in any place that risk of crashing or hurting others. A back country road is recommended.


Save your tune after EVERY change.


Don't forget you are able to create more than one custom tune so you can setup a race tune or tow tune or DD tune.  Tune your custom tunes with something in mind. Don't try to make the truck do everything on one tune.  


Step 1.

If you have stock injectors you can set this to 100% or above so you can skip this step and move to Step 2.


Use LVL1 and the Power reduction % to find a good point for the CANbus fueling %.  For 50 hp injectors start at %95 and move up or down by %1 depending on if you get smoke when you snap throttle from 0-%50  while in gear.  Find a reasonable % for smoke output vs low-end power.  Remember this is to handle off idle power.   ENSURE WHEN YOU ARE TESTING YOUR STARTING POINT YOU GO %100 THROTTLE INPut.  You want to set your smoke level as WOT.  This will give you the most resolution in your throttle movement.  IE: if you truck maxes out fueling at %30 throttle, what's the point of the other %70 of throttle movement.  Make %100 fuel %100 throttle.


Good starting points per injector size ***use only as a guide you will need to go through some trial and error.
50 hp injectors %95

100 hp injectors %90

150 hp injectors %85

200 hp injectors %80

250 hp injectors %75

300 hp injectors %70


Once you have found a good starting point Set your 0 PSI % to this power reduction % and set your Power Reduction scale to a % that you want to allow for a valet mode or antitheft or emissions or whatever for reduced power.


Step 2.

Set Quad to Power LVL3

Once you have a good starting point defined for 0 psi scaling increase every % by 1 as you move up in psi.  As you hit 10-15 psi you can move up by 2 or 3 % per psi until you max out at ~%130.  You will notice that the Canbus HP limit is somewhere around %130 depending on the truck and the mods.


This should give you a good base fueling map to fine tune your truck by.


Step 3.

Once you have your base map do some 0-%50 APPS take off's on LVL3 only.  Pay attention to Boost numbers and smoke output.   a video camera is very helpful.  ENSURE YOU ARE NOT AROUND OTHER DRIVERS OR PEOPLE WHEN DOING THIS!!!!!!


You may notice puffs of smoke as PSI climbs, reduce the % at that psi point by 1 if smoke is too much.  If the truck feels laggy at a given PSI increase by %1 until your truck feels good.  Keep in mind that smoke from the tailpipe may cause flooding of the turbo.  A truck will respond best when there is a slight haze under high throttle input.    Don't be afraid to use high TPS input to get the truck moving.  That is what the throttle pedal is for!


Tweak your 0-30 settings until you are happy with how the truck drives on LVL3


Step 4.

Once you have your CANbus tuning done move to wiretap tuning.  Wiretap fueling will increase power significantly when it is used.  Depending on your wants you can set low limit fueling for wiretap.  This will allow for smoke reduction when wiretap comes on.   


Set your low limit for a PSI that is above your normal DD / cruising PSI.  IE if you drive to work every day and don't normally hit 10 psi  set your low limit above 10 psi.     If you want wiretap fueling when you typically drive set the low limit below that.  I would not recommend setting this below 5psi as smoke control is much harder.  Remember low limit allows for wiretap scaling below that point.  TPS min also comes into play so set your pump TPS min at a point that makes sense for your driving style / needs 


Step 5.

Timing tuning is a little tricky and should not be taken lightly.  I suggest that you keep your timing tuning configured as

1500 max: 14*

2000 max: 18*

2500 max: 22*  

3000 max: 25*

max: 26*


UNLESS you have time to do a good amount of data logging and figure out what is best for your truck.  Keep in mind that aggressive timing can cause issues. The above should be considered very safe on pretty much any truck.  OEM timing will hit 26* in stock form.  What you will find however is under the curve power will be improved by adjusting these settings.   


Step 6.


Once you have set your low limit for Wiretap fueling set your scaling.  This scaling will set how much wiretap fueling is added before the low limit is reached.  If you want no wiretap before the low limit set this to %0, if you want half set this to %50 and so forth.  


Typically I leave this between %15 and %25 depending on how aggressive you want the truck to feel when DD'ing the truck.    Setting this % higher will increase smoke output off idle.  


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  • Administrator

dont overthink it, the rv275s arent big enough to really need to tune.   grab any of the stock injector tunes and run them if you are unhappy with fueling then add %5 to the canbus fueling curve across the board

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It’s not that hard. You have several people on here that are running them. Every truck is different. The Quad gives you the ability to customize YOUR own truck. To be honest I’d probably sell my truck if I didn’t have the Quadzilla. It works that good! 

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