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Just out here in a pinch truck is an 02 vp truck with a quadzilla and s366 just put new 100 horse injectors it it and before with just tuner and turbo it made about 36psi boost and wot on hot tune wouldn’t exceed 1150 degrees now with new stix towing small tractor on car hauler it breaks 1100 pulling small tractor in stock tune, wondering if theres a tune out there that would help solve the problem or anything i could do in meantime before it gets water meth kit! 

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Ok setup just don't go any bigger. You basically are more like 3.42 gears to the ground. Optimal is between 3.55 and 3.73 final to the ground. Im running 30 inch tires which is 3.69 gears to the ground. Mighty quick tire, I can take on 4th and 5th gens and still outrun them.

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Like he said it doesn't help. But now as the ratio goes from 3.55 and lower towards 3.40 you start adding consider engine loads towing  heavy trailers and could possibly add a bunch to EGT's. Also keep in mind that for every 1 pound of rotational mass you ditch is equal to pulling 8 pounds off the frame. Bigger tires are adding that rotational mass. 


6 minutes ago, Wesley said:

So an ideal gearing for me would be like 3:73 if i had say 33s?

That would get you back to 3.58 calc to the ground. 


Like myself I've switch to 245/75 R16 tires that is a 30 inch tire. Towing even with +150 HP Injectors and Quadzilla on KILL I can hold road speeds of 65 MPH and climb 6% and 7% grades to Arizona without tipping 1,200*F. My RV is 8,500 GVWR and 31 foot long giving me a total of 62 feet long and about 17,300 GCW

  • +150 HP Injectors (7 x 0.010)
  • HX35/40 Turbo (60/60/12)
  • Quadzilla (My towing tune)
  • 245/75 R16 Tires
  • 3.55 Gears (4WD and solid axles)

14.7 MPG MAX, 12.6 MPG AVG





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