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24valve Vp44 bottle jack injector pop tester

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So I've been debating about making this thing and finally decided to do it. Had some extra time on my hands and after looking at whole bunch combined ideas here is mine. I had a set of 75hp injectors I got in 2014 that I used for about a year so roughly 7-8 k on them. They came poped at 310 bar and I just checked one of them and it's popping at 260 if I do it quick, meaning keep pumping pressure and it just goes pop pop pop few times a second, now if I go slow it'll pop at 290. The gauge I'm using is a cheaper china special, but it liquid filled. I'm going to check all of them here soon when I get more time just to compare. I also got a shim kit from dap that I'll play with so when I pull my 7x10 some day I'll know what to do. So this first injector is popping low but the pattern looks good not dripping ether. I'll probably get a more expensive guage that's 4-5" instead of 2.5" for better accuracy too. This one seems like it's working good though for being a $15 one. The expensive part was the adaptor for $100 I had this 4ton bottle jack fo a long time, it is also made in china. Had to by some fittings from local hydraulic place $20 and was lucky to know a guy that works at CAT in parts department, I asked him if they had some 14x1.25 injection lines because that's the adaptor threads and he said you won't believe it but I just seen our mechanic through some away today. So I drove down there and he already pulled it out of dumpster. Guess they don't reuse lines when they fix things. Line is like brand new too. So here are some pictures, wasn't that hard to build, had a pin hole in my weld I had to fix other than that it works. PXL_20201208_020049896.jpg.7bbe4f5191adfa81515e34ff46653aa3.jpg

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8 hours ago, Doubletrouble said:

Nice job! Is there a way you could check your injector readings against a known accurate gauge to be sure it's as accurate as possible, or calibrate it somehow?


That's the plan, just need to figure out how :rolleyes: I don't know anyone with a calibrated tester and I'm sure some random diesel shop don't want to give me much time. I think a good guage should do it. Honestly I think this one is pretty close for what I'm doing, but I agree if I'm going to want to be precise I'll need to be more sure. I could put another T inline and have 2 gauges for comparison. 

2 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Nice. Could you write an article on how you built that exactly. I would love to have a cheap test stand for 24V injectors!

I can try all though I'm not a great article writer. I can disassemble it, take few more pictures so it makes more sense and list parts for fittings. Still need to remember this is a dangerous device with high pressure. 

1 hour ago, dripley said:

I take it your pumping diesel thru it? 

Yes, I didn't invest in special fluid. I mixed diesel with 2 stroke and little bit of diesel cleaner from power service that I had on the shelf for years.

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51 minutes ago, Doubletrouble said:

 Just out of curiosity, what would a pop pressure tester cost if a person was to buy one? I'm assuming they're pretty costly.

There's a bunch of china special on eBay that I read mixed reviews on, I almost got one too. Can't beat the price but after looking at them I decided to make my own. Like this one, you can't really build one for that money not to mention time you'll have in it 


Then again some say they work others say they are junk. I had a jack already and decided to make my own. Still if you buy one I'd say gauge would be in question and definitely need to disassemble it to clean it real well before use. It is nice though it comes with a cup that has a filter in it. So again is it worth wasting time making one or do you just buy one. The other thing people say is that valve on the side could be tricky to work with. Good thing is it does come with a high pressure fuel lines. So idk to each their own I guess.

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