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My 2016 Yamaha Star Stryker

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Bought the bike in August of 2018 I think? It was a left over at the dealer. Bought it with 0 miles and this is my first motorcycle.


1300cc liquid cooled v-twin comes from the factory with like 75hp. Hardest part is its not a well known bike so very little aftermarket and what aftermarket is there is expensive. Its a fun bike though. put some Vance and Hines short shots on for some sound. Has an ECU tune instead of a piggyback tuner. Still need to get it fitted a bit more for me, new seat and need the foot pegs moved forward a bit more. Might get some mini apes or something for bars but my handle bars dont mount normally like a Harley.


Ill get some photos at lunch, only one I have is not a very good one from the rear. 

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Me n my brother tried to get my Hayabusa into my house one late night....up six steps......


If it weren't for the neighbor checking out what all the commotion was about, we never would have gotten it back down the steps....



"Missed it by THAT much".....(Don Adams in Get Smart)

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I had a few things going for me in that photo.. 

1-ground floor apartment

2-I live in my uncles in-law apartment and he's chill with most things

3-every door in the house is 36" wide, plus my front doors are double doors (French doors?)

4-that area is 9'10" wide wall to wall, plenty of room to have the bike and not block everything off

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