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OMG what a night...

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Well, yesterday I set out to go get parts for a transmission job I was hired to do for a 2016 Ram 6.7L Cummins. I needed a pan gasket and filter set but no one up here sells them. Friday morning we also find out my father-in-law father passed away at the age of 98. Then on top of this @Honey Badger has to go get her new glasses in Boise as well. We set out Friday morning at about 10am and ran down to Boise I stopped and got the pan gasket and filter set for my Ram project. Then we headed over to get Honey Badger's glasses. We finished up and meet up with Honey Badger's Dad and had dinner with him. After that headed over to WinCo to grab some things for the house. Left and started the trip home. I get to Cambridge ID radar tripped off. I backed down to just about 2 under the speed limit. Proceeded through town and BAM! The Red and Blues come on. Oh, F__k now what. The nice officer informed me that my driver-side tail light is out. Ran my license and info all was good and he let me go with a warning of the tail light. This was Washington county. Now we pause for a bit and took a breath and proceeded home.


Now I get to Council ID and am just about to pass the Police station another officer was heading south and noticed my tail light again. Oh F__K not again and instead of waiting to be pulled over I just pulled over in a Church parking lot. Now things get kind of wild on this stop. The same story as the officer who pulled me over about the tail light being out. I informed him I have just pulled over 20 miles again in Cambridge for the same thing. We started talking and he asked if there were any firearms or weapons I said, "Yes I'm packing my 9mm under my vest", then Honey Badger chimes in and said she got a 9mm in her purse. The officer said I support 2A and just don't reach for them and we are just fine. Well, I continue to tell him the reason why there is no police present down at my place at the north end of Adams, County. I informed him of the gunfire just 3 days ago at 1:30 am. Then just about 3 weeks ago I had a mattress stolen out of my garage. Then about a year ago we had a drunk passing through the yards which I called no one came to the house. Then just down the road friend's place was attempting a break-in while he was at home just last week. I told him also we have truckers speeding past the house and just because you guys won't come out. Now the deputy responds to the fact they have no communication and don't like being down there. I told him I'm willing to let them use my cell extender to make phone calls or have WiFi communication. Now After about 20 minutes of friendly chat, I will now have police present near home. I also asked him to forward on to the others in the county to not pull me over again. We already know the tail light issue. The deputy was nice enough to radio ahead because sure enough we get to New Meadows at the wye and the radar goes off again. Honey Badger spots him hiding in the shadows of the Chevron Station. I kept trucking home. 


So I'm home safe and sound... I've got a spare LED bulb here easy fix. Now the other problem I got on my trip is a popping noise in the steering up the front left side. I've got to look at Beast and figure that out. Another thread to start...


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58 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

the bulb is good just the wire rubbed on the housing frame and broke the wire in half. 


Well, now that the smoke has been released you can go ahead with your repair.


- John

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