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Happy turkey day folks

Wild and Free

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Hi and Happy T Day. I know this sounds stupid...but life brings us changes that we sometimes resist and then others that we just jump into with excitement. In the past we had a family of 5 here and death took it toll and now there is just Michael and I. T Day became a non-important event as I no longer wanted to fix/prepare/service it. I discovered the most wondeful thing abouta T Day minus the turkey....I packed up my camera, backpack,food and headed into the wilderness. There was NO ONE there...everyone was eating, tving, sleeping and I had the place to myself. I learned to track animals as the snow was fresh. The sounds carried for great distances and the crouger, deer, elk, moose,rabbits were all over the forest. The peace was profound. I took a twig burning stove with me and Mike and I had sausage and cheese in the snow with ice water running in the steams for hot tea. So a day that used to be family oriented became a hike in beauty and I look forward to Thanksgiving Day more so my "new way" then I did the "old way" with the stuffing, bird,etc. The memories will last forever. You get home now...throw on a couple t-bones, french bread, and a salad while you look over what you camera stored for you. We have read through White01's deep frying turkey and I'm happy for you. Keep it up and enjoy. I go another way...love moparmom

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