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New Starter Solenoid Contacts

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So... it was a nice Sunday and I decided to install the Larry B's Starter solenoid kit today :thumb1: First off, the truck had something weird happen about 2 weeks ago :duh: Started it up after driving all day with no issues and it sounds like metal on metal :banghead: ...I shut it down quickly, or so I thought when I turned the key off... But alas, it kept running :banghead: :banghead: Anyway.. a quick call to MnTom, and my suspicions are confirmed... Starter :doh: Better than any other alternatives though :cool:  So I ordered a Starter Solenoid kit from Larry B's.  I will say he thinks of everything!!( Great customer service) Down to a pair of gloves and a Band-Aid!!post-1978-0-43104900-1390263384_thumb.jp
Ok, let's get started ... First disconnect your batteries then you will need a 15 mm and a 5/16 to remove the wires from the starterpost-1978-0-76263700-1390264286_thumb.jppost-1978-0-54457500-1390264303_thumb.jp. Then once you remove the 2 wires going to the starter you need a 12 point 10mm wrench to remove the 3 bolts holding the starter to the motor.post-1978-0-53173700-1390264327_thumb.jp I break the bolts loose with the regular wrench and then I use the ratcheting wrench to loosen enough for my fingers to remove easily...post-1978-0-49375000-1390264345_thumb.jp I then bring the starter inside to perform surgery on the kitchen counter... Remove the 3 small solenoid screws that hold the cover in place and then carefully remove the cover post-1978-0-15910900-1390264381_thumb.jpand plunger post-1978-0-33739100-1390264399_thumb.jpmaking sure not to loose the spring or the ball( hence the reason for not performing surgery outside)

Remove the nuts from the contact lugspost-1978-0-40623500-1390264942_thumb.jp post-1978-0-28792200-1390264961_thumb.jpand replace with the new contactspost-1978-0-32315400-1390264415_thumb.jppost-1978-0-79913000-1390265284_thumb.jp and plungerpost-1978-0-07579800-1390265303_thumb.jp.
After putting the cover back on, I used one of my nail files to make sure all contact points were clean for the wirespost-1978-0-77902000-1390265318_thumb.jp. The it took less than 5 minutes to reinstall and hook up the batteries :thumb1: Then of course I had to fire up that bad boy :thumbup2:
Look at the difference in the new contact vs the oldpost-1978-0-32315400-1390264415_thumb.jppost-1978-0-04988500-1390265336_thumb.jppost-1978-0-36732500-1390265355_thumb.jppost-1978-0-53938300-1390265375_thumb.jp One less thing to worry about!!!!

























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He was still up and running actually.. Only had the one little glitch.. I did drive him and tow with him up until yesterday with no issues... But,

my vehicles have never let me down yet.. They always let me know there is an issue, and also give me time to fix it... :thumb1:

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I did the brush plate on my starter when I did the contacts. But no matter what I did, I could not get the brushes to solder on. I had to buy a new starter just so I could get to work. Did not want to be stranded in Yakima! :ahhh:


...was not until later that I found out a regular torch would do the job. But now, I got a funky problem going on with it so its put to the side until I can get to it again.


...sorry, hope this is not off-topic!

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I did the brush plate on my starter when I did the contacts. But no matter what I did, I could not get the brushes to solder on. I had to buy a new starter just so I could get to work. Did not want to be stranded in Yakima! :ahhh:


Darn straight you dont want to be stranded in Yakima. I cant believe we never met up. I lived there up until about 7 months ago!!

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