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spin on trans filter


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He's wanting the luxury of dropping drain plug and spinning a old filter off and new one on. Kind of like Subaru's got. Then you never have to drop the pan for any reason nor have the huge mess. Dodge has always had the nice big pans that would flop down on one side make a huge mess then you had to change the filter inside the transmission.

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Has anybody thought of running a spin on filter in the trans cooler line?  A lot of marine engines had adaptors for inaccessable filters with high mounted remotes...  same remote base in the cooler line.    






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sorry ive been gone a while. my thought was to rid the use of the inside filter. disconnect trans line and have one suck new fluid in and the other push old out. i know dropping the pan isn't hard. i've done many of them. it was just a thought keep things cleaner like the allison has. thank you all for the info.


i'ma have to learn how to adjust the bands though....

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