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02 3500 QC towing capacity

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So I'm almost done setting up my truck, getting ready to fabricate a tow hitch setup & I realize I don't know the towing capacity for this truck!  :ashamed:


it's a 2002 2wd 3500 quad cab dually 6 speed & HO.  Dana 80 axle has 3.55 gears


It has factory helper leaf springs, and firestone "ride rite" air bags


So does anyone know the towing capacity for this truck? I'm wondering which class hitch to setup.


I will always use 5th gear when towing as it's 1.00 ratio straight through. 


Also, I've installed a service body on this truck so that rules out gooseneck/5th wheel style towing.




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It will depend on if you build a class 3 hitch or a class 5 hitch. And it also depends on if you plan on doing weight distribution or not. If you really want to tow heavy you might need to step up and build a class 5 hitch that is a 2.5in receiver vs. a regular 2in. That will get you a lot more weight capacity. The other thing that will change your weight capacity is how the receiver hitch will be mounted under the truck.


There are a lot of variables to consider if you want to tow a lot of weight safely. There is a company that I know of that is kind of king in this department called Torklift. They are very spendy but you might get some ideas on how to build yours.

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Well firewood I might of been pushing a few time rather heavy. As for the RV I'm right at my GVWR but still below my axles rates. Still below my trailer rated specs, Still below my combine weight.



About twice a year I check my weights. I don't want to be like all the people I get called out to fix RV springs, or lost a wheel because snapped all the studs off.

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