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Hey Gang...


I just got another plugin for the site. This time after talking with people and other admin's I opted for the Garage feature. So for not a whole lot of money I purchased and install it to the site. This will take care of the...


Signature problems - Now you can get all you mods and stuff listed in the garage and keep it up to date.


Truck Of the Month - Now we'll have a place to gather up trucks and votes for them again. This suppose to have a featured vehicle feature so I'll get busy on that too.


Members vehicles / RV's - Now that forum can be removed and use the garage feature now.



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Come on guys post up your vehicles with pictures and list your mods then show off your mods with more pictures. I want to restart the truck of the month contest again. Since now we have a good platform to build from why not? So more you post up the more we have to work with. On the main page on the side bar will be the featured truck of the month.


Then we'll also have the history of all the featured vehicles too.



So far no one has posted a single picture nor listed a single mod... Come I can't be the only modified truck here.


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Another feature I'm working at as quickly as possible. Every vehicle that is created should now create a thread in the Members Ride forum. Then discussion of the said vehicle can continue with the owner. There is a few of you that have been omitted from this feature including myself so give me some time I'll get the forum permission corrected in the next few days. It will create the first post for you but you won't be able to replay nor others.

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Nope... You gotta upload photos. At least one photo for the vehicle and suggesting at least one photo per modification. Photos have to be re-sized to 1024x1024 or smaller and 500kb or smaller. It doesn't allow linking to outside URL's. This is a good thing because then all photo remain here on the site and never get lost.


I'm trying to get away from TinyPics now but places like CF I still use it. I'm now looking into the photo gallery here to resolve that issue too.


To add a picture...


Click the green plus sign next to images.



Then select vehicle or modification.



Mopar Icon Notes
Remember photos have to be 1024x1024 or less and 500kb or less.

Select you picture file and upload...


(Opps I see there is a artwork issue!)

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