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Winter Front

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If its the grill you are blocking you can block it 100% and have nothing to worry about as it doesn't hardly make any difference blocking things there. If blocking the coolers and radiator then leave about a 6-8 inch opening in the center but this is totally dependent on how cold of temps you see and driving conditions, if you are pulling towing or town driving a lot..

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I'm way down south in Kanab, UT. I used the same thing, Voting signs. I pulled the grill section (I think 4-6 10MM bolts), proughly trimmed the sign piece for 1 side, held it in place, used the butt of a hammer to firce an indent line of the interior of 1 side. Then, with shears or a razor knife, cut it out. Test fit to be sure. Use as template for the other one. Spray painted satin black (Or whatever color you want, just didn't want the printing showing). Hold in place FROM CENTER with your hand & drill 6 sets of holes around perimiter (WITHOUT DRILLING THROUGH YOUR HAND) & zip tie in place. Put on in November & removed in March.


Much better use for voting signs than promoting a bunch of crooks.




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How about that...great minds think alike all the way up here in Canada.

I slipped a vote for me sign between the radiator and charge cooler after I cut out an 8x8 hole in the middle. 

 We don't seem to get the cold here that many of you get and I was a bit nervous of overheating. 

Never got above 200 just got there quicker.

This year I am driving a beater jetta as much as possible instead of the truck, trying to keep it out of the salt.

Regards Chris

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