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      911 Support Group   06/22/2017

      Hey Gang, I've got the 911 support group database back up and running once again. It's listed in the 911 support category. It will allow members to list their contact information and location so other have a listed of members to call upon in the time of need. So if you wish to support other member please stop by and add your listing into the database. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/911-support.html/contacts/

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Members Trailers & RV's is where you may create a write up about your trailers/RV's and the different modifications you done to it. Only the author may create a write up and other members cannot not reply.

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    • dorkweed
          My truck doesn't use any oil.   Catch Can install took me about 1 hour.   Range AFM delete is a module that plugs into the OBD port and keeps the truck from switching into V4 mode.  That's all it does.
    • notlimah
      Looks good! Look forward to hearing your impression once you get some miles on it!
    • stevens cummins
      Wow too much info on oil lol im going to amsoil i dont disagree with. Moparman but im need long life when moparman reaches 200k on the oil maby i can start considering the mobile, im a proof is in the pudding type persin
    • Dieselfuture
      Alright guys and gals, got my turbo today. I'm giving it 9 out of 10 and this is before driving the truck. Came with cnc machined beer opener. On first glance it looks good, on closer observation I've noted and older more pitted exhaust housing, very similar to mine( wish it was a bit better ). But I'm sure they would not send it out if they were not sure. Bearing housing is brand new compressor housing is used in very good shape ( I had to re clock it ) I'm guessing it's a hx 40 machined out to fit 62. What I did not like is flange for the exhaust brake  (which is also new) was bolted with too short of bolts, literally 1.5 to 2 threads in. I reused bolts from my old turbo, (not original ) when put my exhaust brake on I changed them, but pretty sure factory ones were still longer then what this turbo came with. Reason I even took them out is I was going to reuse my old flange but decided not to, they look identical. But because of that I found short bolts. Here are some pictures, turbine is considerably bigger and so as compressor. I can only emagine bigger ones.
    • Mopar1973Man
      Personally I would get a o-ring set and try that first. Typically I get them for $12 buck from NAPA takes maybe a full hour to pull all the o-rings out and recharge the system. Not hard at all. You also need the release tool from NAPA they are plastic collar set that you pull into the spring locks to release the lines. Typically a bit of twisting motion and they slide out.    Video is set for the process of release and installing of the lines. Take notice I did it single handed...