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  1. I almost fell into the same trap. Then I took another sip of coffee and the fuel pressure clicked that's 12V specs.
  2. Mopar1973Man

    Flushing power steering fluid tomorrow

    03 and up I'm not sure what material is used in the pump.
  3. Mopar1973Man

    Wind noise

    Outside / Inside door -> Evaporator -> Blend door -> Heater core -> Vent selector door The only other thought is do you get everything lined up right and bolted down correctly?
  4. Mopar1973Man

    Flushing power steering fluid tomorrow

    All I can say about power steering fluid and change interval. You should be changing every 30k miles. I've been using petroleum power steering fluid since the beginning. My steering box never failed as in sloppy steering but the seals failed from excessive rust around the seal. As for my power steering pump it's still going strong. When I reseal my reservoir it was exceptionally clean inside and no sludge build up or debris. I've still got my OEM hydro-booster and still without leaks. Mine is a cast iron housing on the power steering pump.
  5. Mopar1973Man

    Flushing power steering fluid tomorrow

    This one I know of for sure. After having such a long conversation with Ryan at Blue Top.
  6. P-pump fuel pressure sounds about right. Mechanical lift pump tends to lose volume in the higher RPM range. This is normal. Boost is resulting typically of spent fuel. Like what I'm learning with the Quadzilla on the 24V engine as you retard timing you can increase boost but at a loss of efficiency. Then if you advance timing you push more of the burning cycle in the cylinder making the boost lower and EGT's lower. Sad but true a P7100 is a static timing pump that has no advancement.
  7. Mopar1973Man

    Wind noise

    Blend door is not going to be it. The outside / inside door would be more in line for the problem.
  8. I've changed up complete since this start of this thread. Warm up Mode temperature - 170°F Installed thermostat - 180°F High idle delay - 15 seconds Some might not think this optimal setting but allow high idle to kick back in after a shortstop somewhere in cold weather. Like my current travels going back and forth to Ontario, OR I typically stop in Weiser, ID for breakfast those days. Be there for about 45 minutes and when I come back out to fire up the engine is still plenty warm yet. But the warm-up mode kicks in and high idle engages while I wait for MoparMom to come to the truck. I'm waiting for serious cold weather to drop in and see if the high idle will restart if the coolant falls below the set temperature. This would be optimal for us that are in the extreme cold weather be able to gain the coolant temperature if it happens to fall below you set point and then cancel after rising above the set point again. This would actually save fuel.
  9. Mopar1973Man

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    Just for information purpose, I've updated my tuning guide more.
  10. Mopar1973Man

    Engine stumbles

    Smoke issues and fueling issues are based on the injector pop pressure. Edge Juice is designed around strictly stock injectors very hard to clean up big injectors on Edge tuner. I ran the Edge Comp for years a +50HP was too big to clean up properly.
  11. Mopar1973Man

    Wood Burners

    Mine is a True Pyrometer flue temp not just pipe temp.
  12. Mopar1973Man

    Axle shaft u joints

    Yeah typical winters for me have my truck in lots of flooded highways and lots of slush. At least now every oil change I can lube all these now.
  13. Mopar1973Man

    new radio yaaay!

    I'm wanting to replace my Kenwood soon. I've got a wonderful MP3 player but I'd like to have Bluetooth.
  14. Mopar1973Man

    Axle shaft u joints

    I went with NAPA wheel joints. NAPA wheel joints are greaseable. My problem was the bearing caps where rust to the shafts. Driver side required better that 20 ton press to get the cap to even move. Passenger side took me over 4 hour of beating with hammer and MAP torch to get the passenger side apart. I'd rather have them fail before 100k that fight to get 350k wheel joints to even move with 4 hours of swing 6 pound hammer.
  15. Mopar1973Man

    Possible Bad ECM or Gremlins

    No longer made. As far as u know there is no new ECM available. Just like VP44 only rebuilt units.