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  1. Good point. But all my battery cables are in excellent condition and no loss in the connection or cables. The only thing that I can find that is in excess of rating would be grid heaters. So explain this picture and why the fusible link has blown? 400 Amp load? (No this is not my truck but this is a 12V Cummins) Again...
  2. All birds are edible. I would just stand on the wings and pull the legs. Then end up with breast meat. Good eating. Just like the last Grouse I didn't shoot. It flew into the window and broke its neck. Just Walked out stood on the wings pulled the legs. Snap the wings off and wash the beast meat off. Put in a plastic bag and froze it. Week later I made a batch of Top Ramen and boiled that grouse meat up and chopped it up in the Ramen and that was good eating. I've had a few Quail fly into the window still just a bird and they eat just as good as a Grouse.
  3. Most of the problems on our truck tend to be the basic stuff. Fuses, bad connections, broken wire, bad grounds. Going beyond that you getting into digital technology and logic thinking. Lot of people just can't think in logic so the maybe or it could be pops out. That's human to say that. Logic is its on or off but there is no maybe.
  4. Time for a new Alternator

    Please do... Please Please!
  5. Time for a new Alternator

    @dave110 Do me a favor. Since you are doing the grid heater on a switch. Let me know later on how your alternator is doing say in 6 months or year later. I'm going to bet you'll find the same answer I do is the grid heater start to draw more current as they age.
  6. Time for a new Alternator

    I'm trying to get the end game of not having to test anymore and go back to the days of like it was brand new and the alternator last for YEARS with no worries. If I can figure that one out then this conversation will be mute.
  7. Qaudzilla Vizion

    Dang... I'll go kick rocks.
  8. @Chris O. is the site guru of the CCD network. Might ask him about some of the stuff.
  9. Qaudzilla Vizion

    Might be true. Again another good reason to talk to Chris O and see if he can help out there.
  10. Time for a new Alternator

    The whole point is fine a condition we all can agree on and then we can say it either passing or failing. Originally, I was saying 0.1 was a fail but some vehicles were having issues as low as 0.05 ac volts. So this became a grey area between 0.05 and 0.1 idle AC volts. The reason why I made the mark so high because manuals tend to handle noise better because of the lack of computer control (transmission). It was only after it made the 0.1 that my cruise control would weird out and surge randomly. Now the automatic truck would have the TQ converter lock issues as low as 0.05 volts AC. Hence why this grey zone exists and difficult to draw an exact line in the sand this is a failure point.
  11. Qaudzilla Vizion

    Untrue. I've got a handy little tool here created by @Chris O. that can access the CCD network. It can diagnose ABS, AirBag, Central Timer, Etc. all through the OBDII port.
  12. Low fuel pressure

    Pump is struggling to pump the cold thick fuel. As the fuel thins out with some heat from the engine then it starts to rise.
  13. Time for a new Alternator

    Exactly. That why I'm using the everything off method. Like my headlights only draw 5 amps (70 watt load) compared to a stock truck with normal halogen lights draws 7.8 amp (110 watts). I know most load testers report the AC noise (ripple) under full load and typically it will be 1.0 to about 1.2 AC Volts. Since no one can really test at absolute full load and get a measurement in makes it impossible to get a fail marker that we all can agree on. So I use the everything off method and see what the static idle AC noise is. Most part stores hand-held testers use this method too and will fail or pass at idle no load too.
  14. Qaudzilla Vizion

    If you can trigger the Check Gage light on the dash the central timer will chime automatically. Sound is easy if you can trigger the Check Gage light on the cluster.
  15. Qaudzilla Vizion

    Would be really cool if the warning would sound the Check Gage light and chime. Wishful thinking but I know it will never happen...