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  1. How would you like your children and grandchildren waiting for a school bus with those poor ole wolves around? How long would a kid last when they can pull down bull elk? An elk kill was found in our area less than 100ft from where the bus stops. I still think a truck load of wolves and cougar should be dropped off in certain neighborhoods so everyone can " live with the wolves".
  2. Moparman, your Honda Rancher has a 600 mile oil change because the clutch runs in the engine oil. Oiled clutches tend to slip a little at times and shed material.
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  4. Welcome to the forum. I too have three of your gauges in my truck. All are working great.:cool:
  5. The elk herds in the panhandle of Idaho were shipped in from Jackson Wyoming by train and were released in the upper ST.Joe River country. The wolves we now have in our area wandered in and found lots of deer and elk to feed on so they have stayed. Thankfully it is legal to hunt them and you can buy wolf tags now. They all need to go. I believe that if we captured a truck full and didn't feed them for a few days and then turned them loose in places like downtown Seattle and Portland more people could enjoy seeing them.
  6. I totally agree that corners in the pipe disrupt the flow. The best way is to go straight up through the roof. Saddly mine dosen't do that and I go out through the wall with tripple wall pipe into a cinder block chimmey with a liner.
  7. We have a queen size Blaze King that in NON EPA. With a nice bed of coals and then fill it up and turn it down and it will hold fire for over 24 hours. None of that getting up at night or restarting the fire in the morning. It has two fans that distribute the heat.I have a stove like "the stove that Jack built" in my shop. I can see why Mike goes through so much wood.
  8. Here is a possibility http://www.powervisionmirrors.com/ and another http://www.truckchamp.com/towing-mirrors?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=towingmirrors
  9. Here is a pic of us in Idaho Falls at the Jayco dealer. 07.5 one ton with automatic. 2011 Jayco 330RLTS and Rhino on the top.
  10. The secret to getting good fuel mileage is to have a 12V truck with a 5sp transmission. 2wd helps too.
  11. For the OP. I see you are in Oregon. If you are in the Portland area there is a shop called Source Automotive. Rip Rook is the owner and he has a very good price on 4" exhaust systems. He is on the Washington side of the river. http://sourceautomotive.biz/about-us.aspx
  12. I had a 98.5 that I bought used and got a notice. The truck is gone and it didn't have the 53 block. A friend of mine had a 99 with the 53 block with over 450hp and drove and towed with it for years with no problem. They didn't all go bad. Then some that were gently used developed a crack.
  13. The first thing you should do is make sure that all electrical connections and grounds are good and clean. Just dirty battery terminals can interrupt the electrical signal to the tranny. While the battery cables are off it is a good time to reset the TPS. That is cheap and easy to do and can cure a lot of transmission malfunctions.
  14. I am not sure if you are aware of this or not. There is a class action law suit dealing with 53 block failures. 1998 to 2001 trucks with the 5.9 are involved. Check this out. www.cumminspickupblocksettlement.com You may be elegible for up to $500 if your truck meets certain criteria.
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