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Just came across this thread. Where abouts in north east ohio are you Bryan? Im in Ashtabula county, about as northeast as you can get.

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I was born in Dayton but I got down to SC as fast as I could.:tongue::whistle::lmao::moon::sofa:

Traitor!! Just kidding. Ivebeen in ohio most of my life but have not seen much of the state out side of the northeastern corner. I live on pymatuning lake and 20 miles roughly from Lake Erie. What I love most about the area is we truly do have 4 seasons here and each season is pretty in its own way, esp the fall. Ashtabula county is one of the best regions in the country for wine making because we get a decent sping (usually), hot summers, and seasonable fall. And the ground is very fertile around the great lakes.

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