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    Well the Order is in

    Steak cooked RARE sounds good! Grilled "black and blue" sometimes referred to as "Pittsburgh Style". Grilled very HOT for a short time to leave the center RARE and cold! Requires a thick cut Strip Steak to be BEST! Now I'm very hungry.
  3. Yes, it absolutely does meet specs and is well proven to work successfully. I have found it works best in my truck when air temperatures are above 60 degrees F. The additional viscosity of the Red Line Mt-90 synthetic has proven to be best for me for all conditions so far,,,,,considering the 50wt from what has been said. Thanks for the clutch pics and details!
  4. It is interesting and have seen this mentioned a few times while lurking on forums over the years. No experience with anything other than a stock clutch myself and would like to learn more.
  5. This has been my experience too. And I have found when using the Red Line Mt-90 has added some temperature which has been good for my application. From what you have added here I'm even more inclined to give Synthetic 50wt GL-4 transmission oil a try. Thanks for the details.
  6. Not discussing noise, just subtle differences in how the transmission sound when rolling down the road. If you listen carefully the transmissions sound differently under light load, medium load & heavy load in different gears and oil. I try to run what gives the best overall feel, quietness under the most conditions and best MPG. Yep. Seems to be how it is with transmission oil.
  7. Seriously? http://www.pennzoil.com/en_us/products/other-oils-fluids-fuel/manual-transmission-fluids-axle-oils/synchromesh-manual-transmission-fluid.html#iframe=L3NvcHVzL3Blbm56b2lsLzIwMTZuZXdzbGV0dGVyLz9sb2NhbGU9ZW5fdXM= I'm considering some 50wt synthetic GL-4 and will most likely try Mobil 1, Valvoline or maybe the Lucas 50wt synthetic truck transmission oil. Makes sense that a quality heavy duty 50wt oil would work well in the NV transmissions. Thanks for the input and your experience with miles driven etc.
  8. No it's not?? I never mentioned 'factory fluid" or Dodge dealer pricing in my reply?? $12.25 per quart is significantly more expensive than the Pennzoil I mentioned & $7.49 online pricing? $49 per gallon is expensive a gallon when purchasing 5 gallons! Wow. It is getting late here in Ohio. Thanks for your input. I don't expect it to shift like a sports car and never have tried to shift like a sports car. I'm discussing how overall smooth it is and how quiet it sounds rolling down the interstate etc. The difference between the Pennzoil, Redline MTL & Mt-90 are there. It is subtle, but noticeable. I enjoy the heavy weight of the NV5600 gears and the time it takes to shift and match revs shifting up & down. And on occasion I will double clutch to be certain revs are matched. The NV5600 is a good transmission and will last a long time if shifted carefully. Original clutch and transmission at 253,000 and hoping to get many more miles with proper maintenance and patient-proper shifting. Hope your lasts as long as you want it too as well. Thanks for the input.
  9. I drained the original trans oil in the NV5600 with around 39,00 miles and went with the Pennzoil Synchromesh at that point. Tried Redline MTL around 75,000 miled and it was an improvement over the Pennzoil in warm weather, but was a bit more "nothcy shifting" when ecold temps. Went with the MT-90 at around 105, 000 miles and been using about every 30, 000 to 45,000 since with great results. Thought I would try the Pennzoil again since is is about 1/2 the price, but it just does not feel the same. Shifting is notchy when cold and is not as quiet. Maybe my trans has some wear at 253,000 and benefits from the synthetic Mt-90. It is similar to a 5w-40wt oil. Thinking with the miles it might be good to try the synthetic 50wt heavy duty oil?
  10. I thought I saw in another thread that you are using a 50wt synthetic transmission oil and wondering if you are still running a 50wt? Looked into getting 50wt at my local Napa and it was very expensive for a 5 gallon container. Mobil 1 or Valvoline? Been using Redline MT-90 for years and switched to Pennzoil Synchromesh recently and qreatly preferred the heavier wt Redline and it might be beneficial for me to use a 50wt Synthetic in my NV5600 with more than 253,000. Pennzoil feels "THIN" especially in cold temperatures and is not as quiet and the MT-90. Any experience and advise appreciated.
  11. Michaelsloft

    Muffler or resonator delete

    I would love to hear back too. Feedback on any systems/muffler & resonators for that matter.
  12. Michaelsloft

    Muffler or resonator delete

    Is your 4" Diamond Eye Stainless a straight thru system with no muffler or does it have a muffler/resonator?
  13. Michaelsloft

    Muffler or resonator delete

    I would like to learn more about the Magnaflow systems. From what I can tell looking online Magnaflow is Walker Exhaust high performance line! And may be well engineered like the OEM systems are on many US cars and trucks. Thanks for the experience details.
  14. Michaelsloft

    Muffler or resonator delete

    Thanks for the details.
  15. Michaelsloft

    Muffler or resonator delete

    Wall thickness, diameter, length, resonators, mufflers, hangers, and overall mass all will effect the exhaust system. I'm going to be needing a new exhaust system at some point and am going to start looking into details of the various manufacturers that make a system for 98.5 to 02 to determine which one might be best for my needs. I'm looking into going with a 4" aftermarket or NEW Walker OEM system. Anyone have experience with the Magnaflow systems? ....................with the Banks systems? ........MBRP? AFE? etc. I think the wall thickness has a huge effect on this drone at various engine RPM. Take a look at the picture Katoom posted earlier in this thread and the difference between the two. Very interesting. Would like ot learn about wall thickness of various aftermarket before making a decision and can always go with Walker OEM to get good quality pipe material.