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  1. Truck is equipped with factory fuel filter. I change it every year or @15,000 miles, whichever comes first. Usually clean and occasionally is slightly dirty using high volume truck stops for fuel.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to post this repair and the great photos along the way! Michael
  3. Is black cable with ( white) line a ground connection for the alternator? If so, where is it terminated? Looks good!! Michael
  4. Florida is a long ways ........wonder how many Cummins powered trucks the package will be loaded onto along the way?
  5. Bits and pieces for a weekend project! 🔧 Awesome! Why the long lead time for PCM?
  6. Great! Installing the new PCM will be simple and the Cummins will be running again!
  7. Sorry to hear the bad news. Do you think there is any other damage in the electrical system?
  8. The little stuff can make a big difference in enjoying your truck on a daily basis. Enjoy! Michael
  9. Will the LX version work with a Tablet using Android? Michael
  10. This is good information to know. Good people to work with and being able to communicate on the phone makes repairs/problems like this much less stressful. Good work here!
  11. Two tows in 362k is a good record...not bad at all. Best of all you were prepared and made it home safe and sound!
  12. Was wondering how you were progressing with the trip home. Have a safe trip!
  13. Awesome and looking forward to seeing how the axle swap works out for you.
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