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  1. Higher boost usually decreases EGTs. Boost leaks, on the other hand, raise EGTs.
  2. You missed the point. Men don't bend men over, and then brag about taking advantage of a fellow enthusiast.
  3. Both elements draw the same. Both come on initially, then just one during the second cycle, and then they’re both off. You can see whether both or one are active via a voltage gauge. I wire both to the momentary, and let my index finger determine how long the pair is active before the starter cranks the engine. Once the engine is started, there’s no need for both/either one to cycle.
  4. 58mm 24v with bypass disc, 190 degrees - 190F thermostat fully open at 207F, fan kicks in at 215F - Mopar 05015708AC Cummins 3946849 Both the above correct stats have a single jiggle pin, installed at 12 o'clock, as well as a rubber sealing ring around the flange.
  5. I'm generally not one for stacks at all on a street truck, but I think regular bed mounted stacks would look nicer than those right angles popping out from under the frame.
  6. Make sure all connectors & grounds are clean & tight. Test for continuity in the wiring. From a 2001, should be similar to a 2000.
  7. His site is performance oriented, but give him a holler (sales@dieseltuff.com) & ask him, he seems to always have stuff that's not on the web site. Ask him about spray angles/piston bowls & POP pressures for your application/intended use. Having said that, the RV275s are a Bosch injector off the slightly higher HP motorhomes, I feel they're the best stock type injectors available for the 98.5-2002 24v.
  8. It is definitely worth spending more money for a quality injector; pays off in the long run, which is what Cummins are all about. I will give Mark @ DieselTuff.com a shout out. He has Genuine RV275s in stock (there's plenty out there who sell aftermarket RV275s) as well as higher HP units in whatever flavor you want. Hand built & POP'd to your specific application, unlike the middlemen resellers who I don't care to name for the sake of civility; turnaround with Mark is barely a couple days before he builds & ships. And yep, Weston is great at what he does as well
  9. Interesting. I’m in Canada. All my 12v injectors - VE as well as P have always been POP’d 10% higher, both stock and larger/worked units. No issues starting in 0F without grids. The slightly higher POP does help with atomization. Timing, injection event and duration all play a role.
  10. I will take a gander at my tickle trunk & see if I have one. @Mopar1973Man what's the number off your PCM.
  11. Ouch. Hopefully it's just the charging circuit in the PCM rather than the entire PCM.
  12. Well, looks like AH64ID & I both took the plunge & replaced the CI+ oil with a fill of CK4 oil. LOL.
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