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Boost reading 48psi at idle + no power level adjustment

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*****solved! 1-30-20 5:50pm** dielectric grease in all the connections solved what was a bad map connection 👌🏻 Thanks everyone! 

2002 24v 2500
I just bought a quadzilla with iquad from from someone on here, I connected it as per the instructions(they were included) and I’m having some issues. First issue I would have to guess is causing the 2nd. 
- with the truck idling I’m getting a high boost warning. It says I’m at 48-50 psi at idle, and doesn’t change while driving. This is the “default profile” for the 98-02 v2 version 2.7. I’m assuming because of this, it’s the reason the level selection bar is “yellow” and I cannot select different power levels. 
- I uploaded a custom tune, and now I have a CEL. When I go to the “diagnostics” tab it’s blank and I can’t read the code. Kinda stumped. 

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5 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

MAP sensor issue. It's in defueling mode currently with the boost at limit.


Quadzilla does not read any codes. You have to plug in your own OBDII coder reader in the dash. 

That’s what I was thinking it’s MAP related for sure. I’m leaning towards a wiring issue? Bad connection? With no box on my truck I had no CEL, plug it in now it’s reading 48? Seems weird. 

4 hours ago, Quadzilla Power said:

As @Mopar1973Man said, it is most likely a MAP sensor issue! The diagnostics tab on the iQuad app is only functional for some of the later Common Rail trucks that plug into the OBDII port.

I just got a reply from the quadzilla tech support. They said it’s either a bad map, or the boost circuit in the box is bad. Is there a way to test my map? 

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  • Administrator

There is... Remove the box clear any codes. This test drive for 10 miles or so. If and codes are set then the map sensor is bad. If not the boost cooler is bad.


Another way is to replace the map sensor and see if there is change. But map sensors are spendy.

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