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Its time to put new tires on the 4th gen.  the current tires are good for highway summer driving and have ~%25 wear left however winter is going to be coming and the wife will need better traction.  


I bought a 2nd set of rims stock 4th gen 275/70/18 tire size.  



I have been looking at a couple tires, but I need some input.  Things that are important to me are wear life, cold weather traction, snow traction.  we dont tow much right now, but it will be happening again soonish.   I expect to see %95 paved road driving, but I do have a ~1 mile long gravel driveway.


so far I have looked at

Goodyear duratrac 275/70/18 load E - looks like a good all around fit.

BF goodridge TA k02 - looks good on papre, but reports are that they wear quickly with the K02 model


GRABBER A/TX - good reviews


DISCOVERER AT3 XLT - had a set of AT2's on my old truck and winter traction was not great.

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  • Administrator

Been extremely happy with the Hankook ATm... Worth looking into. Harder compound and tire wears like iron. I've been running those for over 250k miles 4 winters and excellent traction in a foot of snow at 55 to 65 MPH. No studs in the tires either. Last set I got two winters out of. This will be my first winter to just stay home. 


I've got Discoverer AT3 on the 1996 dodge not too happy with those either. 

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I'm liking my Hankook atm

I may add that Centramatics are working pretty good too, better then the beads did. I had to get the beads out as they were fighting each other. Just went to Lake vermillion in Minnesota and it road nice. 

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  • Moderator

I put AT3 XLT’s last fall before elk camp and have been very happy with them. They have great handling empty and loaded to 100-105%, oops. Very quiet and good traction for an AT in all conditions. 

They also have the 3PMSF snow rating, which when I was researching last summer wasn’t common among AT tires in that size. 

I do vary my pressure based on load and in the winter only run about 30 is the rear empty. Right now are sitting at 55/35. 

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