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Sorry Everyone I haven't felt like participating much Lately.......

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Doing some concrete work @dripley?  

Work just wont get out of the way. Been reading over this and it just confirms something I have told my kids thru their journey thru life. No matter how it seems you can always someone who has it wors

Sorry to hear about everyone's troubles. Yes life is like a box of chocolates for sure, just never know what's next. I like all the good spirited people here that don't give up, if you start to give u

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3 hours ago, dripley said:

Well I dont have one but i will when I retire. Building some things like that around here for us will be therapeutic for me. 

I don't know anyone who has retired and not kept working for the shear entertainment value. My mother decided to take over the family farm (wants to grow cannabis), neighbor does hay, father got a consulting position with the FRA and put in 130 hours in 2 weeks and manages the dining car back at work.


They all work more in retirement than when they were working. I suppose it is a lot more therapeutic to work for you self on your own time.

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I would help my company out after if they needed someone to fill in or get a job started for someone. But my days of taking all the responsibility and the stress that goes with it are over next year. I have worked 5 of the last 6 Saturdays with probably 2 more coming. I am living to work, not the way it should be.

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Ouch...  Like this weekend I've been working all weekend. Like I just learned how to do 7.3L Ford injectors tonight and then got snagged on the #7 injectore rear most against the HVAC box. Never got it out. We'll revisit that injector another day. But the truck runs better with  3 cleaned up inectors and knocked off a good amount of crusty mess on number 5. We only did the passenger bank for now to resolve a weak cylinder issue. Still some miss but not nearly as bad. Soon as Jacob get some extra cash we'll do the driver side together but he get to get dirt this time. Rather nice to have a apprentice that wants to learn. 


I understand most of you and the long hours like myself I've been starting my morning at 4am most morning and work the website for 4 hours in the morning and then head to work. Get home in the evening and then sit down and check the website again and might work for a few hours dealing with errors or performance issues. Like this morning I was on the phone chewing out the hostring company for selling me a blacklisted IP address. So that little burp today was the IP was changed out and hopefully this IP is clean and the email problem is solved. 


Tomorrow I'm going back to my other shop and Jacob (Eileens Son) is going to help me do a gear case seal and help stop up some of oil leaking out of my landlords truck. Good way to pay my shop rent is by fixing the landlord truck and make it better. Always a win-win time for me. Heck Saturday in mere 2 hours I changed out his steerinfg column and even changed out his tore up steering wheel and rehooked all the stering wheel stereo controls. 


Carry on guys... I'll catch you in the morning I'm whipped and tired and need some sleep and get right back in the saddle and do it again.




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