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  1. Russ Roth

    Russ Roth

  2. Mine was a '64 330 Dodge post former OSP car w/383/3speed. Eventually 440/auto/3.54 Dana w/RT seats and console. Wish I had it back.
  3. My fishing pards '99 has that instead of the later style.
  4. I spent about 4 years part time hauling crushed cars out of wrecking yards. Loved it. And since the cars were considered ours when they were in the crush pile we could pull parts sometime. Was glad I had one of the sleeper rigs since the one without didn't have very good place to haul much.
  5. I have a Toyhauler that just turned a year old in January and every light inside and outside is LED. They are great. Tons of light everywhere. Still have old hauler with incandescent and man are they dim by comparison. I'm sure you will love them once you get kinks worked out. Not sure how come the pic is sideways but I can't seem to change it, =( =(
  6. Since any year of the 2nd Gens can actually need to be tabbed when I pulled the radiator on my '01 I checked it all out. Had the stepped case and should be OK but I still didn't trust that it wouldn't back out. I made stepped tab so I could make sure it couldn't come out. Also locktited the bolt and gives you chance to locktite all the others you can reach which could come loose and fall out. Hope to do same on current '02 sometime this spring/summer.
  7. Mike, was going to slip a check into the mail to you today but no address! I had it at one point but no longer so how would I get it to you??? RR
  8. My wife and I were just chatting a bit about that today. Certainly something to consider. My aunt and uncle use it.
  9. Pretty much although I am not sure if it will travel as soldering copper pipe will. Might have to get it from both ends. BTW, over the years there have been tons of rigs of all kinds with and without sway bars although generally better to have them, IMHO.
  10. For sure no one wants to hear diagnosis terminal/prognosis 3-5 years. Suddenly you look at things with a different perspective. Starting to pare down projects and get rid of "junk" which for us is good stuff. I believe I will be here for Makiahs 18th birthday. Russ Roth shared 1 photo with you - Copy.eml
  11. A way that has worked for others and has worked quite well a couple times for me is to heat it lightly enough to suck candle wax into the threads. Only enough heat to melt the wax. May have to do it more than once and then even if you have to use EZ out it should make it much easier to do the job. Give 'er a try. It does work especially if there is something left to grab onto and not have to use EZ out.
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