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  1. My '02 blows a lot of heat but did not recently do so well even with the engine at operating temp. I pulled fan and did what checks I could there which is not very much it seems. Fan worked fine but sure didn't think to count fins. Just made sure all were there. I finally pulled heater hose and blew it out before trying something deeper and guess what?? Heat!! Did seem to blow a plug out. Maybe not quite as good as it was but it does get plenty warm now. Radiator looks clean as a whistle inside so might just try blowing yours out unless it has never done good. I think if everything is
  2. I would do some real research on hotshotting if that is where you want to go. Many don't do well from what I read. Just a bit of a heads up. Don't want to get caught running illegal at all which is how some make it.
  3. Jon is outstanding at what he does. I had the privilege of meeting and becoming personal friends with Tony Garcin. Founder and owner at the time of Dunrite. He has since passed and I lost a great friend. I actually built valve bodies for him. Learned many things that summer. We were going to do my tranny together but cancer got him first. When I needed to have mine done was about the time I took notice of Jon on the forums. We had some e-mail and personal call or two and what I heard from him (Thanks Tony!) said he was my guy. I had him do my '01 which a short time after got totaled.
  4. That would make my wife VERY happy! Hope to work on some of that today while it rains a whole bunch.
  5. I am not. Time goes much faster as you age. Will be 73 on the second so I do know about that.
  6. Thanks Dripley. Always wishing you and all others on here the very best. Will say prayers for you to help stop the smoking. Nasty unhealthful habit as I am sure you already know.
  7. Thanks so much. Not happy about it but it is the path for whatever reason God has put me on. I will walk it with faith.
  8. Thanks Mike and I do. But as you more than likely may know sometimes it takes an effort to do that. Was diagnosed with Crohns about 2 weeks ago and then it's like OK when is the next good news going to show up. Takes some to get over that when for 5 years there is some good news but not really great like no more sickness anywhere. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.
  9. Thanks so much. That's a great offer but after being admitted they took GREAT care of me. ER can't say exactly the same which I was told on the floor they have heard before. Reason they kept me was my heart rate was low which is normal for me but not in 30;s low and dropped to 19 couple times. Should have told them to bring prettiest gal there to hold my hand and probably take care of it but I never knew anything was amiss. Gave me a stress test next afternoon and I passed it with no apparent issues. Sent me home with stick on heart monitor that stays for 2 weeks and was sprung that eve
  10. Sorry to hear this Jag. You WILL be in my prayers. I have my own health issues. Was at PDX ER last week and then was admitted for the night. Docs had already given my latest permanent checkout date as this coming day before Thanksgiving. A date (Lord willing) I do not intend to keep. This was my view a few mornings ago from my 8th floor "suite" at PDX VA hospital. Hope you are better soon.
  11. Thanks for looking but that is the OBD port. I found the pinout for the one I need in FSM. If I read it right and actually got the correct pins i got no voltage at all when checked them. Good or bad? What does this mean and what next? Thanks for any help. Usually I don't need to ask much but electric stuff is a killer for me. Still raining but I'm at least dry and warm. Thanks.
  12. Rains have eased for a bit and I am checking. Trouble is I don't which pins are 3 and 11. How does one figure that out? Looked in FSM and don't find pinouts but maybe I don't know where to find them.
  13. I'm electrically challenged in many ways including terminology. Rain not slowed down yet.
  14. Don't know why I put IP other than I meant instrument panel. LOL Thanks, this is very helpful. Raining like heck now but will try to get that done if there is break in the rain.
  15. So it appears I have to pull the IP to check this? How does this get fixed if it's messed up?
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