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  1. I'll see about getting them checked when I get the job done. Will update at that time. As I mentioned I only suspect they are OEM but I would bet a few bucks they likely are.
  2. I just made a trip to Osage, IA and return and while I have not done the addition and dividing it appears my average was right at 20 MPG or better. Most fillups were near mid 20's and and one was 21.4. Worst was on way home in the Columbia river Gorge with a headwind. About 18.5. I have no idea how old injectors are but I suspect at about 225,000 or so they are still OEM. Something I want to change about springtime.
  3. My folks had a rig like that but a different model Dodge. Really sucked for Dad. Glad I never had to deal with it for him.
  4. I asked Tony (RIP) when building VB's for him why they cost so much since the mods seemed small and simple to me. I will be first to admit of all the conversations over several months and all he attempted to teach, he, Dave Goerend, Jon and perhaps a couple others know waaay more than I ever will. His answer about that was he spent 10 years and about half million dollars (yes, you read that right) developing his VB.
  5. I made the drive twice for him to do 2 for me. Well worth the drive.
  6. I had a death wobble on a loaded Peterbilt from the tag axle. Going around on ramp to I-84 about 20 MPH and I happened to glance in the mirror and see a bit of wobble on that axle and about that time it let loose. I would never have believed it could shake a semi tractor so hard I nearly banged my head into the side window. Stopped an picked tag up, called dispatcher to tell him what happened and let him know I will haul this load because I know how to get around the scale and then I am coming straight to the shop. Turns out shop had been working on this problem and that's why I was in it instead of a regular. They knew I would handle it OK. Just wish someone had warned me. I never did find out what fixed it but I drove this same rig at one point again with no trouble.
  7. I used a Lukes link on my '01 track bar and it worked really well. It has an adjustment if it ever gets loose which I may have taken up once. Would sure use one again.
  8. If you are near a Six states they usually are very good about this type of thing. Here they sometimes know the part # right off the top of their head and usually in stock. At least that's how it happened with my '67 W200. I would think this would be easier.
  9. Since you had it part way down one thing that could cause it do runaway type deal is if the throttle cable is misplaced in the bracket. DAMHIKT. I would sure check and make sure it is seated correctly and square. Hope this might be helpful for you or someone else in the future.
  10. You can legally pump diesel in OR at any station. I do it all the time.
  11. I reupped again but not sure how much that helps if it goes for the site. I would send a check directly if I could.
  12. I would donate for the common good and have in the past but I can only do it with either a check or a visa card. I understand there is no real way to use either right now.
  13. I have seen both those before. Really cool rig. Too bad it isn't a tandem axle but that's just me. I was told they came in a 275 and 320 horse but have also seen some say there was a 300 horse model earlier than the 320 I have no idea just think they are very cool and I had to watch the vids just for the sake of hearing one again. I can still remember that sound when I was driving the one I had for a time. It had been a log truck prior to 5th wheel service. Still had the log cab guard on it. Extremely tight clean cab and wish I had it today. Number of years later I was FF for Portland, OR and was assigned at a station close to the mill where I had driven this rig. Eventually they contracted with PFB for fire response. On one of our prefires we were shown a pump house they had to fill the yard system since tank water would not cut it and our boats were quite a ways out. Lo and behold what was powering the pump but an old gear grinder. It got fired up at least one of the times I was there but of course I was most likely the only one that knew what that whole deal with the motor was.
  14. Hey that almost sounds like an old 2 six bits cummins gear grinder. I had the privilege of driving one years ago-'54 KW 5x3. Didn't appreciate it so much back then what it was although had an old timer clue me in. Wish I had paid more attention.
  15. Leaky, sage advice for sure. I try to never stay close to a big rig although overall they are usually pretty safe. BUT, one just never knows. Another thing in particular I avoid is any tanker and anything with placards.
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