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  1. I saw that part and get it although didn't know when it expired. My question still remains how do I pay anything without pay pal???
  2. Recently had the overhead banner show about subscriptions. Without using pay pal how does one go about this? I can use Visa or personal check. This is what I have to pay with.
  3. We are traveling right now but have someone at our home east of Vancouver. 217th ave and there was pretty large fire at 234th ave which is too close for comfort. Fortunately that one got put out quite quickly. Several or more friends/relatives/Fire coworkers live in same area Jag does and have been evacuated. So far none have lost their home I know of but neighbors have. One is east of Estacada and has been checking in regularly and is staying put. Couple years ago he purposely logged around his place to create a large defensible area. Working so far although he spent the other nigh
  4. Ayup mi duck...... us jus gan t pub yup my duck us just going to pub.
  5. You guys are right about this not best time to buy an RV. So guess who bought a used class C? 2011 with less than 16,000 miles and very nice but a lotta dough right now. Wife's happy though. Me? Not so much. we are in Marana, AZ at her sis and 113* today. Waaaaayy too hot for this ole PNW country boy! So far the RV has been pretty good other than pretty gutless. 350 Ford chassis with a 5.4. Wanted to weigh but never saw a closed scale when I was driving. Smaller than what you are wanting but I bought a new bumper pull Livinlite Toyhauler 2018. Have not made long trips with i
  6. Maybe a poster on the post office wall???
  7. If you think Walt and I look alike you ought to see me with my genetic related brother! LOL. Never have made a NW Bombers meet. Would like to someday but I have not heard of any recently.
  8. Walt has been a great friend and mentor. He was ODFW North coast district biologist when he retired. I have told him he has been a great disappointment to me. Since he was a fisheries bio I thought when we started fishing together I would catch waaaay more fish with his knowledge available. Somehow it did not work out that way. We have had some really wonderful enjoyable and good times fishing together. Also razor clamming. Jag you are looking good and I know about getting something done later. Unfortunately for me later is right now! LOL
  9. Me on right and my fishing pard Walt on left. Walts '99 and my '01 that was wrecked and am pulling my first old beat up 19' trailer. Walt is about 8 years older than myself and I knew the day would come when one of us could no longer do this. That came last year. I helped Walt in and out of gear and up and down hills. Once on the river he did move around some but spent a lot of time sitting on a rock to fish. He said at the time probably last hurrah for him. Made me sad as I have known him since mid 70's and some years later started fishing together.
  10. I've been running Nitto Duragrappler 285/75x17 tires on my '01 and after that got wrecked the replacement '02. I have had them in snow and when still fairly new they are very good. I made it through snow uphill in coast range with my toyhauler and tons of traffic. Stopped at rest stop east of Elsie and snow was halfway to my knees. Thought I'm not getting out of here without hanging iron but a small bit of jockey back and a run forward and I was on the way. Never did hang iron. Very impressed with these tires. Can't give miles since I bought them the '01 was wrecked and put a hole in si
  11. You would get tired of that real quick. Drove detroit 2 cycle engines with twin stacks, cab high and that lasted a day before I got muffs. Driven series 60 detroits a bit and they have the absolute loudest jakes I ever drove. Twin stacks again, taller but noisy as all get out. Having said that I would like to have a real jake for mine but not for the noise. No gain there unless you love it.
  12. And the saga continues. Oh where and when will it end???
  13. It just popped up on FB. Can't possibly imagine why the first person I thought of was Dripley.
  14. I thought it fit the occasion perfectly. I could probably hook him up. LOL
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