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D Ripley Where Are You?


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Has anyone heard from Dripley?  If you remember, he was going home to celebrate his birthday with his family after 3/6.  I had Michael place a call to him, but there has been no response.  Looking out from the family members....a concerned Moparmom.

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Still alive a breathing. I have been having a lot of life issues of late and it has just been consuming me. Still in Alabama and the job is one of the best I have ever done. I put a lot of extra effort last month and we got it ahead a schedule. That helped me have more time for the other issues. I really appreciate all of the well wishes from you all. Family and Friends are hard to beat. You just can't do much without either.


Many thanks,



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Glad to see your OK. I was starting to get concerned about you if you got hurt or something. I even went as far as dig up your actual home phone number and was getting ready to call you. I even went as fair as checking the information by Google Maps and finding your RV in your yard.

That picture is about 4 years old. Cant figure out what the white thing by the rv is in the satellite picture.


Glad to hear you are still kicking, Dave. Take care of the other issues, we will still be here when you get back to 'normal'!!

Thanks Tom. I'll let you know about the 'normal'. My normal might not live up to others. This is my normal for now


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