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Somewhere in Idaho

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Yep, and that's the fastest point in a qualifying lap, not an average speed over the course of a lap. In all reality they are rrunning 30-40 mph slower by the time they exit the corner.

I used to work with a guy whose brother was a tire changer on one of the Busch car teams. He was able to get a handful of infield passes for every race (Of course this was pre 9/11 and all the security changes NASCAR made). So I was fortunate enough to hit 4 races with them over a few years. Camping in the infield in a motorhome, with unrestricted access to the garage area and pit road. What an experience that was. Definitely gives you a newfound respect for the guys that get in those cars. My most memorable moment that I'll never forget was standing at the fence on the inside of turn 3 at Michigan During practice. Those cars were coming into the corner at close to 200 mph, and literally diving down into the corner and slowly drift up the track and by the time they come out of turn 4 theyre inches from the wall. They looked like they were on the brink of wrecking every corner. Unbelievable how much those cars really slide on those tracks At those speeds. Michael Waltrip was one of the drivers on the track, and as he came into turn 3 Where we were standing he suddenly blew his right front tire. Plowed straight up the hill and hit the wall head on So hard we felt the impact from where we were standing. Car rode the wall until it came to a stop and was a ball of Fire.Waltrip dropped the window net and bailed. The bank was so steep he lost his footing coming out of the car and slid halfway down the track before he stopped. We walked over to the garage area shortly after and the car was sitting on a flatbed. Completely destroyed. Meanwhile Waltrip and company was already getting the back up car ready to go out and run a few laps later in the day. Those guys have some real guts.

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