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Carnage pictures...


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Seeing this post here got me to thinking about creating a thread where we can all share engine/vehicle carnage we have experienced.


I'll start out with some pictures from the latest engine failure that I worked on,

Had one of the trucks with a ISX lose oil pressure and of course all kinds of bad things happened then...









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Here's a video of a Cat 3406 we had let go about 2 years ago, I can't imagine what it was like in the truck when it happened. It let go going down a hill and we think the truck got away from the driver and he possibly threw the jakes on to try to get it to slow down but it didn't work out..

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its amazing how some of these will run smooth... ish until the crank breaks and a rod goes flying. 


I've seen several Cat 3412s scatter and they usually were precluded by "hey, something sounds a bit funny" followed by a mechanic crawling all over it and saying "eh, it sounds a little rough, but not awful" as it thunders out 2000 hp and "WHAM!"  Schrapnel and fire.  The crank was in three pieces, four rods were broke, one was outside the engine and parts broke the oil filters on the way out and put oil on the four glowing turbos of the engine beside it.  The last one I saw the parts went between the two mechanics standing along side the engine.  It is now considered safer to idle things down before looking at them. 


Here is a pump soon to be in trouble. 



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Never knew I was supposed to take pictures when I was turning wrenches... 


A buddy's Chris Craft (twin 283's with flywheel forward...  drove the marine gear (transmission) off the damper keyway)  blew a rod right through the heavy cast aluminum oil pan.  It was like a hardware store in the bilge.  There was only an inch between the pan & the lapstake planking.  Not the strongest bottom.  Were it not for that pan, he's have blown the bottom out.    


There there was the guy with the 26 foot CC express cruiser (fiber glass)...  was trying to tag a big Mako shark.  It objected & reportedly breached 3 times.  On the third jump, it came down on the foredeck & cabin windshields.  The fish went off the other side, breaking the leader.  The entire cabin roof & deck was smashed, the glass all over.  They were happy the fish left feeling that it was strong enough to sink the boat & the guys were kind of leary about going over the side into a pool of fish blood & chum.  



Guy left his wife in truck while he went to get boat...  launched truck, wrecked trailer.  Wife jumped.  When I arrived the rack was submerged.  The truck was off the end of the built up ramp in the mud except the bumper which was on the edge of the gravel & seashell ramp. I had trouble getting the winch cable around the bumper That's me with the diving gear...  



Guy was saving money by working on his engine.  Removed the exhaust risers & manifilds from the engine block...  Ooops, the bilge pump was grounded to the manifild.  Heavy storm settled the boat enough that the water flooded in through the wet exhaust.  This is how we found it on Monday morning.  I used our yard launch & the dock for floatation...  got it up enough that our pumps could float it.  He had more work to do on the engine.      

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