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      Quadzilla Tunes   06/12/2017

      QUADZILLA TUNE REPOSITORY - There is now a Quadzilla tune download area. When you submit a tune file to the download area it will automatically create a forum topic that allows discussion of your tune. So export your tune and upload it to the site. Then we all can help out in building better tunes. Check it out gang...
    • Mopar1973Man

      911 Support Group   06/22/2017

      Hey Gang, I've got the 911 support group database back up and running once again. It's listed in the 911 support category. It will allow members to list their contact information and location so other have a listed of members to call upon in the time of need. So if you wish to support other member please stop by and add your listing into the database. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/911-support.html/contacts/

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    • trreed
      Ok guys, I had a few packages show up today that made me feel like it was Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. First off we got a Viton ball and 17 psi spring to make my damn Fass stop acting up. Then we have a nice new set of headlights that will be painted satin black and retrofitted with the third package, which is a Morimoto Mini H1 projector kit complete with 6500K HID goodness!!!!   Maybe it's the beer or the truck parts, but I'm sure more excited than I have been all week!
    • Mopar1973Man
        In my case, it would be jack up the front axle, not the rear axle. I just say leave the engine to drain a long period and most will come out. Best to leave engine to drain over night. My last oil change I left the plug out for two hours and it stopped dripping. While it's draining I check the differential fluids, transfer case, power steering, brake fluid, pump grease in all the u-joints and ball joints. Pull out my grease needle add grease to my tie rod ends. Then pull out the tire pressure gauge check tire pressure and rotate tire if needed. The run around the truck with oil can and oil all door hinges, hood hinges, door latches and hood latch, then move to the tailgate and lube the tailgate hand release and the two latches.  While I'm at it adjust the parking brakes. So there is a lot you can do while its draining out.
    • notlimah
      Thanks Mike, makes sense. I saw the Rotella at Walmart for a pretty good price. Figure I'd run that or something similar. I did check for the CK-4 label on the back and didn't see anything pointing it out.   What's your guys thoughts on just jacking up the rear to level the truck to change oil?
    • rrister
      i got it to start on wd-40 but same thing it ran for a little bit and died. 
    • Mopar1973Man
      There is an article about Bosch Certified rebuilders. You might read over that and find out there is lots of vendors but you have to know if the VP44 pumps they are selling are being tested on a Bosch 815 test stand to calibrate the PSG unit. I know DAP and Vulcan both sell certified VP44 pumps.    If you got the grid heater disconnected you could have a person cranking and give "very small" spray of starting fluid to the intake and see if that aids in starting. I've seen a few truck that refused to start unless a "small burst" of starting fluid was added to aid it in getting over the priming.   Sometimes the starter its self is worn out and can't get enough RPM's to start. This could be bad brushes and/or bad contacts. Bad cables I've seen a few where the cables rotted in the middle.    If got another local truck with a hard starting that I'm going to assume is bad injectors. Being his injection pump I replaced myself and the fuel lift pump is new but unknown fuel pressure as of yet. Still got to verify that too.