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  1. I don't have the skills you do with pvc, and I'm a tight arse. ~24"s of 1" ID fuel line, I had laying around, has an interference fit with the stock hose, where the snot bottle is supposed to be. Ran it down and over the front axle, it keeps the under side of the truck lubed. No snot bottle mess and accomplishes the same thing as all the elbows and pipe.
  2. If the list is random, having a BHAF on the list is good. If it is ordered, I'd move the BHAF and inspection of the intake and spinny thing to the top.
  3. Sometimes a fuzzy and barely understandable message is better than nothing.
  4. 1. 2001.5 CTD (my baby)2. 2002 Jetta TDI auto (mine)3. 2009 Jetta TDI 6sp handshaker (hers)We have no gassers in the house unless you include the Generator, lawn mower and the chainsaw.
  5. Most of the CR report info I disregard, the number I am interested in is rolling resistance. Like you noted. How does CR rank the General tire for RR? Last time I looked at CR the tires they ranked highest were ranked based on things I cared less about than mpg. I admit I haven't subscribed to CR for a long time. Last time I looked the stocky Michelin tires that come on our trucks were highest in RR numbers, followed by a BFG something, with the vast majority of the pack far from either of them. The other thing I like about the stocky Michelin's is the tire life. I have had other companies AT tires and they lasted about a third of what I thought they ought to.
  6. I'm surprised i haven't seen this code sooner. ;)
  7. I'm not nearly as worried about the injectors with that little 2cycle in the mix vs. loosing a VP44. Funny on my keyboard the 4 key when you hit shift is $, as in VP$$.
  8. I'm partial to the PNW.Lived in Whyoming once.Lived in Germany for a few years, courtesy of Uncle Sam.I like Oregon.
  9. I'm thinking that periodically we need to check the pyro accuracy.
  10. It stinks, sucks and generally blows. IDK if it smells funny too.
  11. Awesome pics! Good catch!There is supposed to be a herd north of Florance OR, the warning signs are everyplace down there, but I have yet to see them. When ever we see the signs that say watch out for the elk, we slow down to look, again I haven't seen them yet...
  12. Hey Mike, Valvoline is better how? I'm still using the SuperTech
  13. Michael & all, I’m dying to tell a 2 stroke success story. My brother has a truck just like mine, 2001.5, 4x4, auto… except his is a long box, they were pretty much the same at the factory. I have been telling him for years things he ought to do to his truck and why, he still has no idea what his FP is from the LP, not even a dummy light. Well about a month ago he was here and I poured a quart of 2stroke in his tank. He has since picked up his own. He claims, 2mpg improvement on his overhead, he doesn’t even look, so hand calculate is out. He is definitely sold on 2 stroke at this point. Now he is finally looking at an aftermarket LP and a DSS.So last Saturday he was headed home from a trip and stopped in. We got to talking about the 2 stroke and he has been adding 2oz/gal. I asked why so much he said, “That is how much you (me) said to add.” I said, “no, I told you 1oz/gal.” He said, “That is what I’m doing.” I said, “You do know there are 32oz/quart?” He said, “Yes” I said, “There are 4 quarts/gal” He smiled and said, “Well, is it hurting anything?”I said, “I don’t think so.”He said, "I guess it is well lubed." LOL So here is the short tutorial, for those who need it.If you aim for 1oz./gal. 1 qt.= 32oz.2qt.=1 half gal.=64oz.4qt.=1 gal.=128oz.Most of our trucks half tank = half qt., or for 30ish gal use the whole quart.For you guys north of the boarder you are on your own for conversion, eh.
  14. well that just figures, I'm behind the curve again. LOL I like the idea of confirmation of what folks have been doing
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