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  1. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    And just how does a dingus drive? Are they a member of the dumb *** clan?
  2. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    I towed with mine for 4 years with no gauges, completely stock. Then 7 years later my Banks tuner crapped out and I towed for 3 years after that with nothing but a fuel pressure gauge. This with RV 275s. No issues what so ever. Like @Dieselfuture says keep your rpm up and dont lug the engine you should be fine.
  3. Careful now, thats what I have on mine right now. About 20 bucks apiece but they still keep planted and ride about like the originals. I was poor when I bought them but they worked.
  4. I as a contractor have to use "builder grade" if thats all the owners budget will allow even knowing the next up is better way to do it. I struggle with that. Damn bean counters are everywhere.
  5. dripley

    Front axle u joint

    Those say front drive shaft, you need the front axle shaft u joint. Your front drive shaft has a single u joint at the front diff and a double at the transfer case. The only ones I see labeled front axle shaft are at the bottom of their offerings. I only did a quick read so might have missed some more, the ones listed are pricey compared to the other u joints.
  6. I could be a bad gauge or the crappy carter pump. Either way I would not tap the pump for more power until you can verify your fuel pressure.
  7. dripley

    1999 Cummins 2nd Gen Electrical short

    Welcome to the site. It is not so much the wrong place as it is getting more to see it. Wander over to the 2nd generation forums and stick in there and a lot more eyes will get on it. It sounds like might lie with the CTM but I am not one known for his electrical prowess. Again, welcome.
  8. I would like to see my hours, where did you do this?
  9. dripley

    Floor jack recommendation

    I have HF 3 ton. Not the one @04Mach1 mentions, but lifts the truck just fine and fits under the Saturn Sl2. Think I paid 90 bucks on sale.
  10. Thats what wife looks like when in the truck and the tires touch ant thing but asphalt. Then goes to the her "What were you thinking mode!!!!!". Then we relax with friends to get over it.
  11. Ahhh, no. Mine have seat belts coming out of them.
  12. I know the feeling. My job in Maryland lasted 14.5 months. I went home 90% of the weekends at about 880 miles just to and from. So about a grand a week average. You wrack up the miles quick that way like you are doing. Now I am working in SC witn a 350 mile round trip. All this is why I bought new to me seats. Mine were gone.