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  1. Anyone Know.....

    Yes but I am not what took place of CAD.
  2. Anyone Know.....

    The late 02 s don't have them. My early 02 does have CAD.
  3. You and a lot of other folks. See it all the time.
  4. Injector ash

    I have stayed around the 1 oz gallon but not to the point of being exact by any means. I also see several places where i buy fuel mixed with bio diesel. I usually dont run any 2 stroke if i am running bio mix. Since below 5% mix does not have to be labeled I usually throw the 2 stroke i. If there is any doubt.
  5. Digging the ditches for the plumbing was all we got done during that time. We put that Fridays in an existing buiding so our site work was very minimal and waited for spring. But to answer your question, once the stone pile freezes you dont even get it in the dump truck.
  6. Worst I ever saw was 25 below actual temp for a little over 2 weeks. Dont remember what the wind chill was. We were building a TGI Fridays up in ggne Pocono mountains. It snowed over 10 feet that winter, breaking wearher records the whole time I was there. My plumber would come by my apartment to jump my truck just to rough in the slab during that couple weeks. Dug the ditches with a jack hammer. I stayed in the office, to darn cold for me.
  7. Lift Pump took a dump

    you can go ahead take the pump off, won't hurt any thing, but if my memory serves me right you need to leave the mounting bracket on. It covers the hole in the block where a mechanical pump was on the old 12v s. You can abandon any old fuel lines in place or remove them. Your prefrence.
  8. Laughter is very good medicine

    I think technology is a great and has brought alot good things. I am a year may 2 from retiring and I don't want to invest a lot of time learning it and walk away from it. Looks like I might have to, just can't decide still need the income a little longer. I was in Lowe's back before Christmas and they all kinds a gadgets set up there for a smart home. Its all pretty cool stuff but I can still flip a light switch. I think I worry more about who is in charge of the technology than the tech itself. That and the sheep that will blindly follow it and it's keepers. Where if takes mankind will beyond my days I thunk.
  9. Vulcan sells a fuel module for the 2nd gens. It looks very much like the I got when Dodge blessed with my in tank pump except without the pump.
  10. Laughter is very good medicine

    With my travels for work I formed a lot of long distance relation ships with many people mostly over the phone. Harder to meet some people since we are mostly different states. While not as good as in person at least speaking with some them makes a big difference. Hearing the voice is much better for me. On the flip side I have made some good friends here and with out speaking to most them. Not sure what to think but here is much different than of what i have seen else where. I now carry a smart phone, tablet, and a computer just do my job. CFA is o. A big kick with a program called Plan Grid that I have to learn and want us into move another called Lean Construction. All requiring more time in front of screen of some sort. Seems that I might not be the Chicken Man much longer. All of this is to get job information in front of more people, namely alot of people who have never set foot on a construction site nor have a clue what it takes to build something. Maybe it is designed to help them out but I am not a teacher, if you want to learn what I do come on out in the mud with me. This plan grid thing is set almost to where the CFA construction manager will not make site visits, all done with pictures and emails. I guess if I was not so close to retiring I could see the benefit. Technology is outpacing my elderlyness.
  11. No. The new key stopped me from being able remove it while the engine was running. Separate issue from the delayed WTS light. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Did you tignten them down as you got fuel to to them? As 4 gets good fuel tighten it down and so on and so on.
  13. If you talked to an ECM rebuilder you could probably send them any ECM you have as long as it is rebuildable. That is a conversation you need to have wth them. The key thing I think is just the key. I cannot get the new key I started using to pull out of the switch like the old one. Of course the switch has to take on some wear and tear just like the key so maybe something is worn there also.
  14. Lift Pump Question

    Alright my 7 hour ride home is over. I will bring it up. What is the farce, I drank the cool aid. I do however believe that it is a benefit. And the pot is
  15. Lift Pump Question

    If you put the quad on you will be replacing it. Walbro, airtex are not up to the task. My thought is a full FASS or AD or a mechanical pump. You see what @trreed has in his. I am not trying to discourage you from trying but if put a system together don't skimp on the parts you use. You are only as good as your weakest part.