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  1. dripley


    The bulk of the money I spent was on a rental car. Down time for diagnosing and then 6 weeks down time when the first one they sent did not work. Then a little more down time when the second one went about 13 months later. The ECM repair was $500. I was never asked for any info other than my VIN number. But with the results of the first and second rebuild I can't help but to believe they did not know any more than floks know today them. Hopefully the new Cummins ECM I got in 2011 never craps out. I want no part of that fun ever again.
  2. dripley


    After going thru all of this back 2010 and 2011, I am surprised that there still seems to be a lot of issues with repairing these things.
  3. dripley

    Plastic Restore

    I painted the front bumper cover and top bumper cover on mine with plastic auto trim paint 2 years ago and they still look good but have scratched some paint off in 2 spots due to some minor impacts. Dont know how it would work on the interior stuff.
  4. dripley

    new radio yaaay!

    Hows the sound? 39 bucks is pretty darn cheap.
  5. dripley

    Ham radio operators

    I dont know squat about the technical aspects, but I love name "canned ham". Just spit my beer all over myself. And in that last picture, whoose hand did you cut off and stuff in there?
  6. dripley

    Searching for this emblem

    Be carefull, dont offend the old folks. They tend to get ornery. Some take pills the others carry guns. The chickenator doesn't tell.
  7. dripley

    Machine shop

    This one? )https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Cummins-UPPER-Cylinder-Head-Gasket-SET-for-98-5-2002-5-9L-24V-6BT-4090035/202073074529?epid=1536930335&hash=item2f0c7e6b61:g:q9wAAOSwrn9cZKSF&vxp=mtr&redirect=mobile
  8. dripley

    Searching for this emblem

    Emblems aint cheap, but we have some spares. Unfortunately Cummins aint one of them.
  9. dripley

    Machine shop

    How many beer cans does it take to obtain the proper weight? I might have to start saving up. My son drinks Crown Royal so maybe the glass could shorten the process. Did a flush an coolant change a coupe months ago. The overflow bottle had a nice brown mucas in it. Not surprised and it helped but it starting wearing off. Knew it was temporary when it went in. Seeping more now.
  10. dripley

    Wait to start delay

    This a great place, I am proud to be part of it. Without the people here I might not be driving mine today.
  11. dripley

    Machine shop

    Shoot I will just get son over and give him the grinder. I am sure he couldn't F it more than I could with a precision tool. Mine's cordless too.
  12. dripley

    Doors and hinges

    I am trying to figure how you will have 500 bucks in the hinges. Looking at the link you are only in it for $204 plus time and thats replacing all the hardware, per LMC. I my self would trust the LMC. What things I have bought from in the past has been good quality, but never bought a door hinge. I guess OE pricing is getting you that high, forgot about that.
  13. dripley

    Dead truck P0216

    Dodge left the bracket on when they installed my in tank pump. For $900 you would think it would have been included.
  14. dripley

    Wait to start delay

    What kind of edge tuner do you have? Just curious, I did not know Edge that uploaded a tune to the truck. I would have to agree with the above on the ECM memory.
  15. Its the same in both Carolinas then.