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  1. Tom Robarts

    Tom Robarts

  2. I wouldn't worry about cutting them open
  3. A bit of biocide might not hurt even if you empty the tank as it could be in the lines or filter housing. If you have algae. If it's just old fuel drain and refill and add some conditioner this is what I use
  4. I should have just replaced my HG, approximately $30k CAD later...
  5. I bought the urethane inserts from Geno's, you have to remove the old rubber and steel from inside the mounts then they just push through. I was installing a reman at the time so it was easy access to remove.
  6. I own a commercial fishing boat. I use BoiBor JF, as a biocide. Most diesel fuel is stored in huge tanks at the refineries. These tanks have a water bottom. Usually diesel fuel is treated for Algae before leaving the refinery. Might be the reason diesels all have water drains on the filter housings? As I carry 2000 gal of fuel sometimes its sits for quite a while. I have had 2 or 3 bouts of bad algae contamination over the last 25 years, I shock with Boibor JF and sometimes add a maintenance dose. It does not plug my filters after it's been treated.
  7. The wide lap joint clamps are far superior to the steel rod type clamps, if needed with the lap clamp you can still get the exhaust apart
  8. I had 4" with a muffler, straight pipe and now 4" straight with 6" stacks. I don't find it real loud. Cann' t carry a conversation on in the cab. I ran a 671 Detroit with a straight pipe in a fishing boat for years so I'm GM deaf anyways
  9. That bracket in the picture has a gasket behind it. Could be leaking from there
  10. I have never tried moving the lines. I always take them completely off
  11. Hello, I have to rebuild the engine in my 2002 Zetor 6341 Super with a Z7703 engine. I blew the head gasket on the #4 last week. Pulled it down to put a gasket in it and the piston scuffed the sleeve and stuck the rings. I'm just waiting for my inframe rebuild kit. Has anyone on here rebuilt one of these engines before? Are the sleeves hard to pull?
  12. A couple quarts of oil leaked would be very noticeable, not just a wet spot on the pan.
  13. I have a deep dish MagHytec pan, when I rebuild the tranny after the truck is finished I'll move the sensor into the port in the pan. I need to have a new larger cooler installed behind my bumper as my heat exchanger was leaking coolant when I removed it I won't be running the truck anymore in the winter so am not concerned with the fluid not warming up enough
  14. I've got a 2017 G56 running 70 I'm around 2200 with 3.73's and 255/80r17s
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