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Guess I will have to go to you tube and see it. Have not thought about John Prine in years. The only one I remember was " there is a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes". Dont know why that has stuck in my head all these years, but it has.


Went to you tube and the song I remembered is Sam Stone. Your choice  was pretty darn good. 

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2 hours ago, Me78569 said:

we should be best friends


I get along well with Canadians.  Generally, they bring me good food and booze.  The last one was a high functioning Newfie who brought some sort of real Canadian Maple Whiskey... nothing like the crap we get here. 

Now for darker...  One of my all time favorite songs.  Great song for when you've been on the road for a long time. (hey, I said it was darker).  


Great 4am wakeup song.  




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Are you inferring I am canadian? :shifty:


I know lots of rumors revolve around if I am canadian or not, but I promise I am in fact American!   Doesn't matter how close I lived to the border



I do like booze and food though...



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2 hours ago, Wild and Free said:

I'll play, Gotta love Pinkard and Bowden. I am sending this one out to hexorz to help him stay warm during his power outage.



Wasn't that long ago you threw John Pryne out there. i am beginning to think that N Dakota aint that far away from N Carolina. Pinkard and Bowden, have not thought about them in a while either. Local radio show used to play them all the time along with Tim Wilson the comedian. If you know who Tim is, we are alot closer than I think.


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