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ABS dash light on

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My ABS brake light is staying on, Need help figuring it out....1999 4x4 cummins, 160k miles. RWAL (rear wheel anti lock)


I read up in my Repair manual. CAB(controler antilock breakes),, RWAL,,, Reat axle speed sensor


Brakes work great, pretty fresh pads front and rear, fluid level good


I fiddled with the plugs on the rear axle speed sensor, CAB , etc. Everything looks good.  Its a Clean truck, western desert area no rust


Is there any way to clear the memory in the RWAL C.A.B.


Any ideas what the problem is that keeps the ABS light on in the dash.



PS my '99 only has rear ABS , No front

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5 hours ago, GSP7 said:

Is there any way to clear the memory in the RWAL C.A.B.


Fix the problem and drive the truck. If the problem is truly fixed then the light self reset. As for clearing the memory it can't be done unless you have a DRBIII tool like the dealer got. Still in all that will not resolve the light issue it will come back on till you repair the issue. There are dump valve solenoids and a controller. You can send that controller to Module Masters and have it rebuilt or at least read for codes.

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Well, what is the "repair fix" for the ABS light being on ? Doesnt say in the good repair manual


My speedo works fine.


I also read that other post about ABS light on and speedo not working


Mine is a '99

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I very recently had my ABS, brake, and airbag light on with no codes and every thing worked fine. I had also noticed some stiffness in the ignition switch. Not every time but maybe 1 out 10 times. It turns out the switch was not returning completely to the run position after starting. My key was the one i had been using since the truck was new. On the times the lights stayed lit I had to turn the switch back to the run position and they would go out. I broke the other new key and started using it and it has not happened since. Might not be your issue just a personal experience for me.


If a code has been set int he ABS module a regular code reader want do it. Like Mike says you will have to go to a dealer to get them read, though it is possible a shop would have one, but I would think they would be few and far between.

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I know that mopar1973man i've seen you on cummins forums.

I'm not saying it's going to be cheap but at least it will bring you in the 500$ ball park.

Guess I'll just have to take some pictures tomorrow.

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As promised picture show time.

Since my truck has no ABS issue i disconnected the right front wheel abs sensor.

Now the ABS brake light is on.

Pic. 3

Pic. 4


Pic. 5


Pic. 6
Pressed current.

Pic. 7


Pic. 8


Pic. 9
Here i connected the abs sensor back and run the code clearing.

Pic. 10

Pic. 11

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Nice ^^^ 

I had my truck on 2x high end units worth many times that and neither could read .


Most likely the rear sensor ...... since rwal  abs 

But don't remember that tripping the brake light .......


You can try ohm out the sensor as well as the wires. 

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Little secret if you resolve the light issue and roll forward even 20-40 feet the light will go out on their own. The codes will remain. So in your case you've not resolve the code so now when you start rolling again the light will pop back on soon.


Currently mine are still on but I know the tone ring in both hubs are the issue but I got bigger fish to fry like reinstalling a transmission.


How are you talking with the OBDII port with what device.

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You can try ohm out the sensor as well as the wires. 

Best way:

Checked for an Ohm resistance reading at the ABS connector [pin 1 and pin 8, see pic.]
Rear sensors should be around 1600-2300 ohms.




How are you talking with the OBDII port with what device.

PC-based ScanTool (needs pc with windows MS xp and up) $249.95
#ST06 - USB (ST06 ProLine VCI)

+ Enhanced PC Chrysler and Dodge-family (Full) Expansion $229.95

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