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I towed horses up a few grades today

 Lots of power.  I'm on sw6 tm2 d5.


Time2 so I can toggle all sw#,s and not worry to much about fuel and timing together

Egt stayed below 1200 at all times. One grade I pull on highway in middle from a stop start jamming gears and accelerate up the hole hill. Didnt try to grab overdrive. Topped out at about 2200 and ran to top that's 60 65ish mph .

Before I could peg 1500egt just thinking about it.


I'm very happy with how it pulled and ran cool.

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On 4/21/2019 at 6:09 AM, Evan said:

Up my transmission pressure and played with TV. Tm5 is just to much fuel down low for my liking normal driving its shifting at like 1500.


1-2 shift light throttle is wa bam under throttle it lurches forward as it grabs. That's just to harsh for me.

2-3 is still my sloppy shift but also harsh under light throttle. 


Tm 4 is still early shifting but I like it.  Tm3 doesnt seem to gain much down low pull.


I'm leaving timing at 2 duration 5. Has tons of power pulling from 1800 2200. I may have felt it go flat but I was doing 90 messing around. I never drive like that. 

If it makes power to 2200 I'm happy.


I'm not sure sw number matters at all.

When revo settings are changed.


To bad it cant store different settings on each sw# and tune on the fly


Then I could have setting pre done and see instantly what they do.



Yeah that's just one of the downsides of the smarty. 

I've shot an email to Diesel Performance Converters, to get a new converter and prepare my truck for the Quadzilla. I've had it with the Smarty :ahhh:

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On 4/20/2019 at 7:17 AM, Mopar1973Man said:


Because the Smarty S-03 is designed for those injectors. Stock injerctors. RV275 injectors are so small you can get away with the Smarty. Now like Pepsi71Ocean he's running +100 HP injectors. 


Now if Smarty locks to 18* on my truck that would be too retarded. I'm upwards of 26* at cruise now and now getting into the good MPG numbers and super low EGT's. Where Smarty comes up short. 




(Add +1 to speed)

(Subtract -50 from EGT's for correct EGT's)



26* crusing :wow:, I'll have to try that. 

I noticed you're on level 7 (wiretap) mpg won't be accurat, it's not accounted for it. Load will be low like yours at 13 because of added fuel that's not accounted for and MPG would seem high.

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30 minutes ago, Dieselfuture said:

26* crusing :wow:, I'll have to try that. 


Actually, on the last tank of fuel it was only off by -0.1 gallons. (359 miles / 17.882 gal = 20.14 MPG) Bucking serious winds 20-25 MPH. Cruise timing limit is cut at 22%. Remember I'm popped at 320 bar so the injectors are late. 




On I-84 set the cruise control for 70 MPH in the trucker lane. Still up there around 24 MPG. This is +7 cruise timing. 245's tires and  2,100 on the tach for mere 16% engine load. 


BOOYAH! (Doing my "Can't Touch This" dance...)


Edited by Mopar1973Man

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