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You can't cure stupid RV owners...

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I'm defending this person for not paying better attention to what he's towing but really with how quiet those class A motorhomes are inside and how powerful the engines can be (especially if its a pusher), I'm sure he didn’t even notice what was going on behind him.  Maybe he didn’t have a rear camera, which he should have when towing behind a big RV like that.  Whatever the case, its the other folks on the road who should be giving the helpful notice that something’s wrong.....not ridiculing.  I cant even begin to count how many people I tell on the road that they have a flat (or going flat) tire on their car or trailer.  Its just common courtesy.


When towing with my truck, I'd never "feel" a flat tire as the engine just powers unaffected through the additional drag.  The last time I noticed my old TT with a flat was only because my boost gauge went up 2 psi and I thought that was strange enough to pull over, whereby I found a destroyed tire back there.  Sure would have been nice to have someone behind me give a heads up that it was going flat before it tore up my trailers side.  That’s why I now run a TPMS.

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It's my thought that no one is perfect. We all have accomplished unbelievable mistakes sometime during our lives.

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