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Here are another couple of geniuses living in our world...


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HAHA! Wow... No parking brake, etc? :spank: That was too funny...

It looked like a 2wd pickup so a park brake would have been worthless. I have had this happen to me but I got things stopped before any damage happened. I had it happen while loading a skidsteer loader on a trailer on a slight downhill slope, the Park brake was set "which did me no good either" as the ramps folded under and the back of the trailer tipped down and picked the rear axle of the pickup about 2 feet off the ground and away we went, I slammed the skidsteer into high gear to jump it on the trailer as it rolled to get the weight on the trailer to drop the pickup back on the ground........................needless to say things were puckered for a little while and the heart rate was a bit higher than normal too. I now lock my pickups into 4wd with the PB set to avoid this, another reason I had for switching everything over to gooseneck trailers.
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